The Healthcare Research: Ethical Principles

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Caring Corrupted: The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich

The film under consideration was aimed at reminding nurses about the importance of professional ethics regardless of political events. In this case, economic struggles and the lack of resources are presented as insufficient reasons for neglecting this aspect (Cizik School of Nursing, 2017). In other words, professional nursing skills in healthcare should not be misused.

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The most important point in this video for protecting human subjects is the need for proper guidance when conducting research. It should be performed by creating an intention to ease one’s suffering rather than hurt people (Cizik School of Nursing, 2017). Thus, the focus on morality is the key to providing patients with medical assistance.

Research Ethics Involving Human Subjects

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the significance of medical ethics established at the governmental level. This aspect is critical for ensuring the compliance of healthcare agencies’ policies to common regulations (Daigle, 2014). Hence, no violation in this regard is acceptable, and conducting research is possible only if it corresponds to this provision.

The most crucial point from this clip is the necessity to receive informed consent from participants in suggested studies. In other words, these initiatives cannot be ethical without respecting this need because they are voluntary (Daigle, 2014). In this situation, protecting human subjects in the process means ensuring their awareness of the used medical procedures.

The Belmont Report (Part One: Basic Ethical Principles)

The aim of this video is to demonstrate the basic ethical principles applicable to research in healthcare. They include respect, beneficence, and justice and should be used as guidance when examining any medical phenomena (Irbmed, 2011a). In this way, the so-called bioethics policy is the focus of present-day facilities, which intend to participate in studies.

The most interesting point is the requirement to distinguish between regular clinical practice and research. According to the clip, the latter is an attempt to gain knowledge, whereas the former is a response to one’s condition (Irbmed, 2011a). They should not be confused when preparing for conducting studies since their inherent ethical principles are different.

The Belmont Report (Part Two: Applying the Principles)

The purpose of this video is to show how the mentioned ethical principles in medical research are applied. As per this source, they relate to informed consent, subject selection, and the consideration of risks and benefits (Irbmed, 2011b). It means that respect, justice, and beneficence serve as principal guidance in these areas when designing studies.

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The most interesting point is the dominant importance of free will over researchers’ intent. Thus, the former applies to receiving informed consent and analyzing the possible adverse outcomes of research, whereas the latter is linked only to the task of selecting people (Irbmed, 2011b). Thus, conducting research is possible if patients are willing to cooperate.

Guiding Principles of Institutional Review Boards (IRB)

The aim of this clip is to present the significance of the careful selection of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) members. They undergo a rigorous application process in which age or other characteristics can prevent from being admitted (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2015). These measures are essential for maintaining professional ethics in the workplace when making decisions.

The most important point in this video is the requirement for involving specialists from different fields. This solution is critical for complying with the ethical principles, including “respect for persons, risk and benefit analysis, and fairness and justice” (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2015). In this way, the research process is possible when all aspects are assessed.


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