Endocrine and Digestive System

Anatomy and physiology of human body consist of the studies and analysis of multiple different organ systems. Within these groups of organs joint functions are performed with clarity provided a person is healthy. The system-by-system approach to the study of anatomy is therefore useful as it allows the students to slowly familiarize themselves with the workings of a body. This paper examines endocrine and digestive systems as two of my favourite ones during the course through the perspective of their importance in a person’s daily life.

Endocrine system is responsible for regulating a wide variety of primarily invisible bodily functions that affect both appearance and internal processes within a body. It has been, arguably, one of the most complicated areas of the course, due to how hormonal balance or imbalance affects the functionality of other systems. In short, endocrine system involves the production and distribution of hormones: the chemicals selected by the glands within an organism that affects organs and tissue within the body. To be more precise, hormones contribute to a person’s appetite, metabolism, primarily and secondary sex characteristics, fatigue and other areas (Combarnous & Nguyen, 2019). The process of learning about different types of hormones and glands that produce them has been greatly informative and educational regarding the complexities that exist within every human body. The most important lesson I was able to extract from this area of the course concerns the importance of balance, as both the surplus and the lack of a hormone may cause lasting health consequences.

Additionally, I believe the balanced research into endocrine system to be largely topical today. Hormonal treatments are frequently demonized by the media regardless of their effects and initial prescription. Ignorance on the topic of the endocrine system, as well as its organs and hormones may lead to a false perception of the state during the research. If unchallenged, this ignorance begins to fuel the poorly reasoned and dangerous policies (Combarnous & Nguyen, 2019). The impact of said ignorance is already notable through the demonization of prescribed hormonal drugs. The research into the endocrine system has hence been informative, interesting and helpful, as it allowed me to personally address some of the popular myths on the topic of hormones.

Digestion is the process through which the human body breaks down food into a form that can be absorbed and utilized as fuel. It consists of the wide range of organs, including mouth, stomach, pancreas, intestine, liver, and gallbladder. Understanding how these organs work together to digest food is crucial to comprehending digestion, which in turn is important in researching human relationship with their bodies. With eating disorders and diet culture on the rise, by studying digestion system one might find it easier to accept the food’s nature as the biological necessity. Additionally, by learning about the organs involved in the digestion process and the steps that food undertakes once within a body, I was prompted to reconsider some of my dietary habits. It was overall an informative and engaging system to learn about, particularly in the context of harmful effects restrictive dieting might have on the organs’ ability to function.

In conclusion, the research into different organ systems equips the conductor with basic perspective for some of the most topical medical debates. Every organ system covered throughout the course is undoubtedly relevant for the overall understanding of the workings of the human body. However, I chose endocrine and digestive systems as I believe them to be the most interesting subjects due to their relevancy to modern social problems.


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