Role of Nursing in Modern Society

There is no use denying the fact that nursing plays an important role in modern society and in the life of people. Being one of the most ancient sciences in the world, it is aimed at helping people in different situations. With this in mind, it is not surprising that this science still develops and obtains new features and characteristics. Under these conditions, the issue or nursing research obtains great significance as it helps this science remain efficient and help people all over the world. Moreover, it is obvious that people, who work in this sphere, should have deep knowledge of the subject for them to be efficient. That is why, nowadays there are certain expectations for nurses who hold baccalaureate, masters, doctoral, and post doctoral degrees.

First of all, it should be said that specialists, who decide to hold baccalaureate, are excepted to “understand and apply research findings from nursing and other disciplines in their clinical practice” (Nursing Research, n.d., para. 22). They can work with research teams in order to develop their research skills. At the same time, masters programs are more complicated and teach nurses to evaluate research findings and apply them in nurses practice. Moreover, attention is given to the development of leadership skills. Doctoral degree supposes “prepare graduates for the highest level of nursing practice beyond the initial preparation in the discipline” (Nursing Research, n.d., para. 24). That is why, expectations of people who hold such programs are very high. They should be able to translate scientific knowledge into clinical interventions and, moreover, be able to become real leaders (Types of nursing degrees, n.d.). Finally, expectations of nurses who hold postdoctoral programs are also high. They should be able to establish their research program and help senior investigators (Nursing Research, n.d.).

It should also be said that nurses, who obtain these degrees, are able to perform different roles, starting from traditional occupations ending with research work.

There is no use denying the fact that development of medicine and science influenced human life greatly. This process led to the appearance of special conditions under which human life became easier and longer. Moreover, there is a great number of different diseases which now are not dangerous for people. However, at the same time scientist admit that the process of development of science and medicine can be called ambivalent as it also causes harm to peoples health. Being sure in the power of medicine and under the influence of different hypothesis, people can make steps which are able to ruin their health and reduce their life. This problem is quite important nowadays, that is why the article The Effects of Diet and the Microbiome on Reproduction and Longevity: A Comparative Review Across 5 Continents by Stephanie Chilton, Megan Enos, Jeremy Burton and Gregor Reid is devoted to this important question.

The authors of the article also state the fact that “longevity and quality of life remain key societal drivers” (Chilton, Enos, Burton, & Reid, 2015, p. 1). Being sure in the importance of this factor, they try to investigate agents which influence human health and, as a result, the term of their life. They suggest the idea that food and all processes connected with it are very important elements which should not be ignored. However, they do not just take a usual meal into account. The main idea of the research is to investigate the influence of diets developed for chronic diseases. The thing is that very often people are not able to afford this kind of diet because it can be rather expensive. Under these conditions, the authors tend to understand whether people, who keep to a diet, have really longer and more pleasant life or not. Researchers try to determine how gut microbiome and diet influence the final result. To obtain clear evidence of the great influence of diet on people authors conduct a quantitative research which tends to analyze different aspects of meal traditions in different continents. Researchers compare the menu, products which comprise it and life quality and length This research helps to trace differences in diets and conclude how these differences influence people. Moreover, the authors of the article also suggest the idea that diet influences reproduction. It is said that the diet is extremely vital for pregnant women as they build the basis for the health of their child. However, it should also be said that “despite vastly different diets, women around the world continue to give birth to healthy babies” (Chilton et al., 2015, p. 5). Resting on this fact, researchers conclude that being and important factor, diet is not the only agent which determines the health of a person and a child. Moreover, they state the fact that the fact that differences in diet do not lead to the appearance of ill children can be taken as a gap for maternal genetics as there is still no answer to this question.

With this in mind, having read the article, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. It should be said that authors touch a very important issue of diet and its influence on the quality of life. Having conducted research, they conclude that differences in diet influence the life of people. However, some questions still remain as despite the differences in diets women are able to give birth to healthy children. That is why there is the possibility to continue research of this issue.


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