The Neuman Systems Model: Nursing Theory

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Neuman Systems Model: Rationale for Selecting the Theory

The proposed solution is increasing the number of nurses in our health institution. The Neuman Systems Model is a powerful theory that can support the above solution. This theory encourages “nurses to use powerful practices that can address various health problems” (Newman, 2005, p. 221). The universal model encourages medical practitioners to embrace the power of creativity. The “theory is used as a comprehensive guide for superiority in nursing research, administration, and practice” (Newman, 2005. P. 222).

The model can make it easier for many nurses to deal with burnout and stress. I have selected this theory because it presents powerful insights towards better nursing practices. This theory is universal in nature. The model is “open to creative interpretation thus making it applicable in different healthcare settings” (Gillen, 2012, p. 9). Nurse Leaders (NLs) can use the theory to create functional facilities that can address the needs of many stakeholders (Gillen, 2012). They can also use new strategies in order to deal with burnout, stress, absenteeism, and lack of morale.

How the Theory Supports the Proposed Solution

Nurse-to-patient ratios “determine the quality of care availed to different patients” (Gillen, 2012, p. 9). The targeted healthcare institution has been unable to maintain the right number of healthcare providers. This situation has affected the delivery of safe care in the facility. Many researchers believe strongly that appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios will support the nature of medical care. The above theory can be used to identify new practices, concepts, and ideas that have the potential to improve the nature of nursing. The theory encourages different administrators to support the needs of many nurses.

Neuman Systems Model can “encourage different individuals to relate effectively to stress” (Newman, 2005, p. 222). The theory argues that the role of a nurse is to produce a stable system through continuous prevention (Newman, 2005). The theory encourages NLs to make positive decisions that can improve the quality of healthcare. The model will ensure the targeted facility hires more nurses. The theory embraces the power of creative thinking in order to produce the best outcomes. The costs associated with hospital-acquired complications will also decrease significantly.

Incorporating the Theory to My Project

Many facilities across the globe do not have the required number of caregivers. Nurse shortage remains one of the major challenges affecting many health institutions across the globe. I will use the above theory to support my project. I will use the Neuman Systems Model to address various health problems. This universal theory is interpreted differently in order to improve the nature of nursing. I will use the theoretical aspects of the model to promote the best staffing practices (Newman, 2005). The theory will present powerful ideas that can address different issues in nursing.

The background information will describe how the model can address different issues in healthcare. The study will encourage different caregivers to use the model in order to promote the best practices. The targeted solution focuses on increasing the number of health practitioners in the facility. This approach will eventually result in job satisfaction (Duffin 2012). The newly-hired caregivers will be able to provide quality nursing care. The proposed solution will reduce medical errors. It will also address the problem of nursing shortage in the country.

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