Innovative Nursing: Planetree Patient-Centered Care

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Adopting the right nursing care model is a crucial step towards promoting a faster recovery of the patient; therefore, the choice of the proper healthcare model must be very careful and should be approached with the due caution. While it should be born in mind that every case is unique and may demand its own specific healthcare model, there are universal strategies that work perfectly in the cases when defining the proper healthcare method is barely possible. Of all existing healthcare models, the Planetree Patient-Centered Care (About the patient-centered improvement guide, 2014) should be mentioned as the most trustworthy one.


Defined as the “core component of healthcare quality recognized by the Institute of Medicine” (About the patient-centered improvement guide, 2014), the Planetree Patient-Centered Care focuses on the link between the patient and their family, making the improvement in the relationships between the two the key to the patient’s sooner recovery. It is remarkable that the idea of including communication with relatives into the process of the patient’s therapy seemed absurd a couple of decades ago and is nowadays a legitimate strategy, and a very efficient one at that.

Indeed, the involvement of the parent’s relatives into the recovery process seems to be working especially well when the necessity to facilitate a soon recovery of the former is required. Created in the 1970s, the Planetree Program has a proud history of helping thousands of people and their family members with the help of the new methods suggested by Angelica Thieroit (About the patient-centered improvement guide, 2014). Indeed, reconsidering the tools that the members of the organization use in their endeavors to help the patients, one will notice the fact that the organization is guided by the principles of transformational healthcare (About the patient-centered improvement guide, 2014). In other words, the very attitude of the patients towards their disorder is redefined and turned into a more optimistic, recovery centered view.


As the existing evidence shows, the impetus for applying the Planetree Patient-Centered Care as designed by the CEO of the organization, Joel Seligman, and was focused on the support and empowerment of the staff (Northern Westchester Hospital: The path to earning Planetree designation with distinction, 2013). As far as the current impetus for the Planetree Patient-Centered Care is concerned, the organization is aimed at locating the issues that may possibly impede the process of treatment and eliminate them as fast and efficiently as possible.

Key Elements

As it has been stressed above, the Planetree Patient-Centered Care model of healthcare presupposes that the relatives of the patient should be involved into the therapy sessions; thus, the patient ill feel motive to recover faster and receive the support that they need in order to get over the disease or fight a specific disorder. However, apart from the involvement of relatives, the Planetree Patient-Centered Care includes nine crucial elements; these are: 1) the reorganization of the human interaction importance; 2) using consumer oriented health libraries in order to empower the patients; 3) introducing family members to the therapy; 4) understanding the role of food and nutrition; 5) addressing spirituality issues; 6) using the power of massage; 7) using arts as supplementary treatment tools; 8) integrating complementary practices into the therapy; 9) using architecture and design to develop specific healthcare practices (Shaller, 2007, p. 4). Each of the points listed above shows that the Planetree Patient-Centered Care strategy revolves around the patients and the specifics of their characters and personalities, thus, taking the social interactions, one of the most significant aspects of the patients’ life, into account. As a result, the patients feel that they want to recover, and the instances of refusals to follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor can be driven to zero.


As far as the implementation is concerned, the Planetree Patient-Centered Care strategy turns out to be much more than merely a reconciliation of the patient with their relatives. Planetree Patient-Centered Care presupposes that the nursing staff should carry out a patient-centered approach (Patient-centered care improvement guide, 2008). The given approach presupposes that, apart from the traditional methods of treatment, the nursing staff considers the aspects of social contact that “mean the most to patients” (Patient-centered care improvement guide, 2008, p. 3).


Though the healthcare model chosen for the analysis cannot be considered the ultimate choice to be made by any healthcare expert, it still allows for the faster recovery of the patient, as well as the improvement of the relationships between the patient and the relatives. Therefore, the further instances of recidivism are driven practically to nil. It is essential that the Planetree Patient-Centered Care principles are flexible enough to be tailored to literally any patient and, thus, search for the best avenues for addressing the health issue that the patient has developed. One of the recent methods, the Planetree Patient-Centered Care is bound to grow more popular among healthcare specialists. Though it is not a silver bullet, it will definitely help as an additional means for dealing with a unique health concern.

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