Registered Nursing Training and Future Career

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RN program is vital for nurses since it equips them with necessary skills for handling patients’ health issues. The program enables the students to understand the treatment process and their role in the recovery of the patient. The following discussion analyzes the knowledge and skills I hope to gain from my college experience. In addition, the discussion indulges on ways the college experience will impact my future career.

I have learned how to develop a nursing care plan for patients. This is a crucial task for those practicing nursing since they have to develop health care plans for patients under their management. Health care provision is systematic, hence there is a need to organize on the best strategy to use when dealing with a certain illness or patients (Page 83). Knowledge of developing a nursing care plan for patients will be useful in my future career as a registered nurse since I will have the expertise to develop a health care intervention plan. The second skill that I have learned and I hope to improve is communication with patients, colleagues, and physicians. Communication is crucial in health care provision since a nurse must communicate with a doctor in time on the progress of the patients. In addition, a registered nurse needs to interpret a doctor’s message or prescription (Lugton 97). I intend to improve my communication skills since it will play a vital role in my career development and my ability to partner with other nurses in health care provision.

I hope to acquire in-depth skill and knowledge in administering drugs to patients before I complete my studies. To administer drugs, one must have the skills to interpret the doctor’s prescription and understand ways of administering the drugs (Page 101). For instance, I have learned about parts of the body that can be used for injection. One has to be careful when administering drugs through injection to avoid harming the patient. I have also learned the parts of the body to avoid during injection due to the danger of affecting the nervous system (Lugton 76). I will use this knowledge in my future nursing practice to administer drugs to patients based on the doctor’s prescription. In addition, I will be able to determine the appropriate amount of drugs to administer to a patient based on factors such as age (Page 97).

Nurses are tasked with the role of administering drugs in hospital, hence it is crucial for them to learn and improve their knowledge on ways of administering drugs to different patients. This will prevent cases of overdose or under-dose, which constitute drug abuse (Page 107). I also hope to learn about ways of assisting doctors in improving patients’ health and hygiene. Hygiene plays a significant role in the patient recovery and avoiding infection (Page 32). I hope to learn on ways I can help the patients to improve their hygiene and how I can partner with the doctors to achieve this objective. Doctors and nurses should work together in health care delivery to ensure that the patients’ health concerns are handled in the appropriate way (Lugton 123). I have learned about the basic hygiene guidelines and ways some diseases can be prevented by observing hygiene. This knowledge will be useful in my future career since I intend to improve the patient’s recovery process by ensuring good hygiene. I will partner with the doctors in ensuring that the patients understand the importance of hygiene in the recovery process.

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