The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics

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I set two major goals related to Practicum II this week. I had to examine the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics and determine strategies for the improvement of the quality of healthcare services. These are the most prominent areas to work on to increase professional competence. The purpose of this paper is to describe the results of the implementation of my goals.

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Examining the ANA Code of Ethics

To examine the Code of Ethics, I studied the course textbook Leadership and Nursing Care Management. I found that the ANA designed the Code of Ethics for Nurses to address the problem of the conflict environment in which nurses perform. The understanding of this code is crucial for practice nurses. It allows making effective decisions regarding patient care.

The Code of Ethics describes several major principles of nursing. First, nurses should perform with respect for the inherent characteristics of every person (Huber 96). Second, all nursing activities should be devoted to a patient’s health. Third, nurses have responsibilities to make decisions that aim at providing medical care independently. Fourth, nurses have duties to take care of themselves (Huber 96). Fifth, nurses have to improve their professional skills using scholarly research.

Focusing on Patient-Centered Care

Another important aspect is quality improvement. To determine the strategies for quality improvement, I studied the patient-centered care concept. It is one of the most prominent concepts that enhance healthcare services. There are several dimensions of patient-centered care. These dimensions include the importance of patient preferences, physical and psychological support, education, the participation of family, and access to care (Tzelepis et al. 831). Therefore, the main strategies aimed at improving the quality of medical care should be focused on these areas.

After studying these theories, I put them into practice. Although these are basic concepts that do not describe some specific activities, they helped me to rank priorities and organize the working process more effectively. Also, abiding by the mentioned above principles promoted a more stimulating environment. For example, new educational programs were designed to improve medical literacy among patients. Also, referring to the Code of Ethics helped to resolve several conflicts in the workplace.

My most significant learning achievement is the understanding of the main principles of the Code of Ethics that correlate with patient-centered care. Thus, this week, it is the area of greatest learning for me. It is essential knowledge for nurses as it enhances professional skills and promotes a higher quality of healthcare services. Ethical issues have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the performance of medical personnel. They also encourage an administration to establish an inspiring working atmosphere.


Nurses have to deal with various ethical issues every day. It puts additional pressure on them, which results in poor healthcare outcomes. Nursing personnel needs to identify virtues and values that can support them and guide their professional activities. Therefore, these areas should receive particular attention.

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