Nursing Career Advancement Opportunities

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Career Advancement Ways for Nurses

The best way to have a successful career as a nurse is through career advancement. Starting a nursing career at a lower level does not mean that a person should remain at that level for the rest of their lives. The current job market is very competitive and career advancement is the only way through which practicing nurses can keep their jobs (Conway par. 1). Career advancement comes with benefits such as personal satisfaction, increased earnings, and most importantly seniority (Conway par. 1). There are quite a variety of career paths that practicing nurses can take in an attempt to advance in their careers. This paper will highlight some of the career advancement ways that nurses can use to keep their jobs in this terrible economy. Career advancement is very important for one to have a successful and fulfilling career as a nurse.

Advancing in education is the first and the most fundamental step towards career advancement in nursing (Niles par. 7). Investment in education is the key to better opportunities. The current education system is very flexible and can allow practicing nurses to pursue higher education as they continue with their work. It is important for practicing nurses with a bachelor’s degree or diploma to acquire advanced degrees because of the current market demands (Niles par. 7). Nurses with master’s and doctoral degrees have a competitive advantage when it comes to getting lucrative opportunities in advanced practice. A nurse with an advanced degree can venture into teaching and research which are classified as advanced roles (Niles par. 8). The leadership positions in the healthcare sector are normally held by nurses with advanced degrees. Nurses with a desire to advance in their careers must at least have a specialization on top of their first degree (Krischke par. 7). Nurses can specialize in different areas such as surgery and healthcare administration depending on individual interests. A very ambitious nurse can acquire a certificate in leadership, administration, and management to become more competitive.

It is important to note that academic qualifications are not enough when it comes to career advancement. Nurses should build networks within their healthcare facilities and professional bodies (Niles par. 8). Networking is very critical in career advancement because it allows professionals such as nurses to exchange ideas and develop new knowledge. Nurses who want to advance in their career must join the various nursing associations that are available for them to get new ideas. Mentors are very important people in career advancement and nurses aspiring to advance in their careers need the professional guidance of a mentor. Mentoring relationships can be within or outside the nursing profession as long as they offer fresh and progressive perspectives on the advancement of the nursing career (Niles par. 8). Personal development is also very important in career advancement. Nurses should improve their management and communication skills for them to be on the safe side. Professionalism is very vital in career advancement and nurses should always uphold their professional ethics (Niles par. 9).

In conclusion, keeping a job in this terrible economy requires career advancement. Nursing is a very demanding profession that requires high qualifications. Education is very critical in the nursing profession and therefore a bachelor’s degree and a diploma are not enough to guarantee career advancement (Niles par. 7). It is difficult to get a well-paying job as a nurse without an advanced degree. Nurses need to have a specialization for them to survive in the current job market. Career advancement in nursing requires personal development in skills such as administration, management, communication, and general leadership (Niles par. 9).

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