Patient Education Technology: DrawMD Application


  • Mr. Smith is a 50-year-old male that is currently hospitalized due to issues with his gallbladder.
  • His physician and a surgical consult decide that he requires a cholecystectomy to remove the gallbladder which has consistently troubled the patient.
  • Mr. Smith is required to give consent for the surgery but wants to know what exactly will be done and how it would affect his life moving forward.
  • Mr. Smith has a master’s degree in a technical field but does not understand medical concepts by reading the text, needing a visual aid.

mHealth Application

  • Name: DrawMD
  • Purpose: Provides simple and interactive visual aids to medical professionals attempting to provide patient education.
  • Intended audience: The app is meant for medical professionals to be used with any patients who require visual aid to understand their treatment (Visible Health, n.d.).
  • Mobile device(s) upon which it will operate: iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices.
  • Where to download or obtain it: Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Also available as a web version.


  • Interface: The interface is simplistic and responsive, available for both patients and medical professionals to understand.
  • Usability: The application has a variety of templates which can be used as the starting point and with various creative tools, one can customize the diagram based on unique characteristics of the patient.
  • The final diagram can be shared so the patient can bring the image up on their mobile devices after the educational session.
  • Favorite Thing: Creative tools allow to present practically any known condition or treatment visually.
  • Favorite Thing: Content packs are available for specific medical disciplines or conditions to enhance the experience (Misra & Abuel, 2017).


  • The patient is able to comprehend the reason and process of the surgical intervention.
  • Patient has access to the diagram in order to comprehend any future education on managing the condition.
  • The application allows to provide visual support for nurses without the hassle and expense of creating additional materials.


Misra, S., & Abuel, V. (2017). App Review: DrawMD. Web.

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Visible Health. (n.d.). DrawMD. Web.

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