Fooducate Mobile Health Application: Patient Guide

Scenario for Ms. Wong

  • Ms. Wong is a 28-year-old female diagnosed with obesity
  • She lives alone and does not have anyone to support her in her decision to change the unhealthy lifestyle
  • She has college education and works as a primary school teacher
  • She struggles to maintain her diet healthy and balanced because she is used to eating junk food
  • She is willing to exercise and change her diet if she is supervised or can track her progress somehow

mHealth Application

  • Name: Fooducate
  • Purpose: Track the quality and quantity of food, calories, exercise, scan barcodes to see how healthy the food is
  • Audience: dieting individuals, individuals who want to lose weight, individuals with diabetes
  • Mobile Device: Smartphones, tablets (Apple and Android)
  • Location: App Store, Google Play


  • Interface: user-friendly, with detailed explanations and comments
  • Usability: allows tracking food and exercise, checking graded products, and receiving recommendations and advice from the community (Fooducate, n.d.)
  • Barcodes are scanned with the help of the phone’s camera
  • Tips can be shared via the app; the patient can receive recommendations from others and send their own
  • Personalized settings allow grading based on age, gender, the presence of diseases, etc.


  • Patient can critically analyze the food they are currently eating
  • Patient can customize goals depending on their objectives (vegetarian diet, gluten-free, etc.) to avoid junk food
  • Patient can track added and natural sugars in food
  • More natural food receives better grades, which patient can use as references (Food and Health, n.d.)
  • Alternative lists provide a choice for unhealthy food chosen by the patient


Food and Health. (n.d.). What we learned about fooducate. Web.

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Fooducate. (n.d.). Eat better. Lose weight. Get healthy. Web.

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