Patient Education Technology: KardiaMobile App


  • Mr. Johnson is a 60-year-old male recently diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia.
  • He is active for his age but experiences discomfort in his chest.
  • He used to work as an ambulance paramedic for many years and has the medical background necessary to manage the condition.
  • However, Mr. Johnson requires guidance on how to use mobile technology to monitor his heart rhythm.

mHealth Application

  • Name: KardiaMobile
  • Purpose: Allows to provide medical-grade heart readings, including rhythm and EKG analysis using mobile devices
  • Intended audience: Patients that are experiencing any cardio related issues or diagnosed with critical cardiac diseases.
  • Mobile device(s) upon which it will operate: Smartphone and tablet devices running latest versions of iOS and Android.
  • Where to download or obtain it: Apple App Store or Google Play Store for the application. However, additional equipment must be purchased from the company website (AliveCor, n.d.).


  • Interface: The interface is simple to use but looks professional and informative.
  • Usability: The application allows to take a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds. It monitors any abnormalities to heart rhythm.
  • The application is FDA approved and can be used without a prescription (Van Slooten, 2018).
  • Favorite Thing: Hardware is portable and can be attached to Apple Watch devices.
  • Favorite Thing: Maintains heart readings over time allowing to see a pattern. It can also be demonstrated to a physician, which helps to provide better treatment.


  • The patient can monitor heart rhythm with an extremely accurate measurement device.
  • The application evaluates the relationship between heart readings and activity levels.
  • Any inconsistencies and abnormalities are noted, and the patient is alerted to maintain attention and possibly see a doctor.


AliveCor. (n.d.). KardiaMobile. Web.

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Van Slooten, T. (2018). AliveCor KardiaMobile heart monitor review 2018. Web.

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