SnoreLab Mobile Health Application: Patient Guide


  • John is 34-year-old African American male. He has reported having problems with maintaining sleep and wakes up feeling tired.
  • John says his partner has indicated a gradual increase in the longevity and volume of snoring during sleep.
  • He is suffering from extra weight and minor asthma. However, the symptoms have him considered about the possibility of sleep apnea.
  • Since there is no reliable data about his snoring, he wants to see if there is a way to control it.
  • Before conducting costly sleep apnea treatments, he wants to see if lifestyle changes can help.

mHealth Application

  • Name: SnoreLab
  • Purpose: Record and track snoring through sleep. Analyze patterns and discover solutions
  • Intended audience: People suffering from excessive snoring or sleep apnea
  • Devices: The app works on both Apple and Android-based operating systems mobile devices
  • Download: The app is downloaded from the iTunes or Google play store (Henry, 2013).


  • The interface is complicated and overwhelming to use. Not self-explanatory.
  • Usability is excellent, thoroughly encompassing functions which it is meant to do.
  • Including more educational material or links to it can be helpful
  • Detailed graphs and charts provide significant amount of data
  • A favorite thing is the app recording sound samples during various stages of sleep to compare


  • Patient can track snoring consistency and volume
  • Patient can analyze sleeping patterns
  • App allows comparing whether a specific snoring solution (nose strips) has any effect
  • Patient can introduce lifestyle changes and monitor quality of sleep over time without costly equipment
  • Patient will have critical data which can be used to make personal health decisions


Henry, A. (2013). Snorelab tracks your snoring, helps you find out which sleep tips work. Web.