Nursing Administration and Shared Governance


The paper delves into the functioning of the healthcare sector and provides the analysis of suggested cases related to some of the emergency department and major concerns of shared governance. The work revolves around the ways to help specialists find new sources of power while working in terms of stress and the necessity of the additional data collection before some important meeting. Finally, the improvement of the comprehending of the practice of shared governance is also discussed.

Powerlessness among the nursing staff in the emergency department


Nancy, the emergency department nurse manager, asks nurses who are resigning their reasons for leaving. Many of them said that they “feel powerless.”

What issues could be present in a unit that would create feelings of powerlessness among the staff?

The job of a nurse could be characterized by a number of stressors which might impact a person and result in the appearance of various problems related to the level of performance, efficiency, and the general individuals state. The fact is that working with people, nurses face a number of complex situations and ethical dilemmas (Moustaka & Constantinidis, n.d.). That is why specialists of the emergency department could be related to the group risk.

The fact is that every day they experience situations which demand the great level of skills and courage. The work in the given department means delivery of nursing care to patients who suffer from complicated diseases or injuries. It could be a great stressor that has the pernicious impact on a persons mood resulting in the appearance of the feeling of powerlessness and inability to help people and protect them. Additionally, stressful environment impacts a person and deprives him/her of moral powers (Moustaka & Constantinidis, n.d.).

What are some of the sources of power that might be found?

Under these conditions, it is crucial to find some extra sources of power to motivate workers and decrease a high turnover rate. First, managers should provide support to people who have this sort of feelings. It is essential to monitor the emotional state of the staff as it impacts specialists efficiency and performance. Depressed people should be supported by the collective, members of a team, and family. All these institutions should be informed about a specialists mood and tend to create the atmosphere beneficial for his/her recovery.

Furthermore, inspiration and reconsideration of the jobs character could become another important source of power to improve the mood (Rashaun, Grubb, & Grosch, 2015). Members of the staff should realize the fact that they perform the unique and responsible job which helps people to recover and survive.

How might Nancy encourage the staff to become empowered as well as defuse some of the behaviors of others contributing to the staff’s feelings of powerlessness?

Besides, being a nurse manager, Nancy should introduce some actions to guarantee the improvement of the situation. First, as stated above, it is crucial to highlight the unique character of the given work. Nancy should provide the staff with the credible evidence of the great practical use of their contribution. The feeling of powerlessness might appear due to a high percentage of failures (Rashaun, Grubb, & Grosch, 2015). However, Nancy should tend to show another side of the problem. There are numerous patients who recovered due to the staffs contribution. In these regards, people should be encouraged to continue their working to save hundreds of lives and guarantee safety to their patients. Besides, it is also vital to defuse behaviors aimed at the demonstration of the feeling of powerlessness and the dull character of the given work.

Shared governance and policy-making in medical facilities


You have been invited to represent your unit in a magnet facility on one of the policy-making councils. The council is meeting to discuss the possibility returning to 8-hour shifts based on patient satisfaction surveys and an increase in medication errors after the nurse has worked more than 8 hours.

What information should you obtain from the staff on your unit prior to attending the meeting?

The practice of shared governance implies the aligned and efficient collaboration to attain success and increase the level of the efficiency (What is shared governance? n.d.). The adherence to the given practice means the greater level of autonomy and the ability to express certain thoughts and ideas to guarantee the creation of the efficient solution related to a certain case. Besides, it is crucial to have the great level of competence to be able to contribute to the projects development and guarantee positive outcomes.

When going to the above-mentioned meeting, it is important to gather the information related to various aspects of the functioning of the given hospital. Moreover, it is recommended to communicate with various members of the staff to obtain the clear image and be able to contribute to the development of a certain project and its discussion by providing peoples ideas.

What other information would you gather about returning to 8-hour shifts prior to attending the meeting?

The given meeting is also devoted to the important question related to the level of efficiency and performance demonstrated by the hospitals staff. For this reason, the preparation should become a well-organized and thought-trough process as it contributes to the final result. First, it is vital to interrogate specialists who experience the negative impact of long shifts. Their main motifs should be analyzed and considered. This process is significant as it provides the basis for the creation of a certain solution and suggests the relevant information related to the given question.

Yet, it is also vital to listen to another point of view and analyze this argumentation to be able to consider pros and cons of long and short shifts. Finally, real showings related to the level of staffs performance in terms of long shift should also be gathered to provide the relevant data that could evidence a certain assumption.

How will you assist your team members in understanding the role of shared governance in bringing about policy change?

When analyzing the given case, it is also important to understand the role shared governance plays in the improvement of the organizations functioning and performance. The fact is that it results in the significant reconsideration of the model according to which a certain hospital or another establishment functions. Shared governance provides more autonomy and possibilities for self-realization (Whitehead, Weiss, & Tappen, 2010).

Team members should be explained the great potential and positive impact it might have on the hospital. Moreover, to improve comprehending of the given issue they could be demonstrated the positive shifts in the functioning which have already been introduced. Finally, they should be explained that all members of the staff are able to impact the organization’s functioning and suggest some improvements (Introduction: The concept behind shared governance, n.d.). It could help to engage them in the change process.


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