Mental Health America Program’s Research


Psychological support is one of the most critical conditions in forming and developing the well-being and prosperity of the US community and society. Today, several different and exciting programs allow these plans to be implemented. In particular, Mental Health America (MHA) approached the issue of psychological support and care for the health of citizens in the best way. Such a program has been providing its services for more than a hundred years and is a leader in mental health promotion and prevention of mental illness in America. This paper is devoted to a thorough and comprehensive study of the structure, system, and processes of MHA. Mental Health America is a unique program that employs professional nurses providing special psychological services to the community.

Mental Health America Analysis

Type of Support Services

Mental Health America (MHA) is one of the leading non-profit organizations in the United States that organizes services for citizens of the country to strengthen mental health and prevent mental disorders. MHA programs and initiatives aim to improve the well-being of the population and meet the needs of those living with mental illness (Watson & Schmit, 2019). Several principles guide the program in providing psychological assistance, care, and support. These elements include early diagnosis and prevention, the identification of symptoms, and the development of a strategy to eliminate the patient’s health problems. Thus, MHA struggles with difficulties at the conception stage and makes timely adjustments to the treatment and prevention of citizens’ mental ailments.

Services Provided to the Community Members

The program performs responsible and complex work in the field of mental health of the community and the entire population of America. MHA is actively and rapidly developing in public education and propaganda of its policy. The program has three central dogmas, which it adheres to support, outreach, and advocacy (Roberts & Drost, 2019). In short, MHA identifies, evaluates, and responds to the needs of society, doing everything possible to prevent possible complications and irreparable consequences for human health (Watson & Schmit, 2019). MHA responds immediately to crises in the community as they arise and eradicates them in time. It should be emphasized that the program also strives for gradual expansion. To date, MHA has achieved the opening of branches in several states of the country and has ample opportunities to fulfill its goals.

The Cost

The cost of the program, as a rule, depends on the availability of health insurance for a person. On the one hand, insurance coverage guarantees accessible, gratuitous and affordable treatment and prevention. On the other hand, paying for MHA care will be very expensive and challenging. Nevertheless, the program’s official website provides information on how to get immediate help. In order to get coverage, one need to apply for Medicaid or Medicare health insurance. Moreover, similar ways of receiving care are insurance coverage from parents, employers, educational institutions, private enterprises, and using the COBRA program. Therefore, the program is free and accepts insurance, but expenses can only be incurred if there is no insurance.

Nurses Working in the Program

The program has many specialists on staff; nurse practitioners also work there. The role of nurses is to fulfill the requirements of the MHA concerning patients in accordance with the evidence and practice guidelines (Watson & Schmit, 2019). The employee provides psychiatric services: examines patients and assesses everyone’s care needs, prescribes medications, and forms a care plan. The employee is also obliged to provide information about a person’s condition to his family and close relatives and interact with other service providers and doctors. The duties of a nurse extend not only within MHA but also outside it.

Impact on Nursing Practice

Undoubtedly, this subject will have a positive and positive impact on the practice of nursing both theoretically and practically. Moreover, it will expand the existing knowledge and ideas about the rational and correct performance of duties towards patients, taking into account individual characteristics. In addition, there is a unique chance and opportunity to test the information obtained empirically, checking their effectiveness and efficiency in business.


The study, analysis, and comprehension of the general MHA program leave behind only positive emotions and impressions. This is one of the best and most proven programs in the United States, which takes care of the country’s citizens, regardless of personal characteristics and territorial affiliation. Indeed, in case of mental health problems, one can send a relative for treatment and prevention to MHA with complete confidence, without any fears and doubts. In this place, there are professionals in their fieldwork who will try to provide only the best help, support, and advice.


Thus, MHA is a unique and special program in the way in which medical specialists work, providing a wide range of services for the prevention and treatment of mental illnesses and disorders. Mental Health America strengthens the health of citizens, diagnoses problems at an early stage, and resolves them in time. Any community members can use the program’s services free of charge if there is insurance. Otherwise, people will need to pay a hefty amount or contact some persons and organizations. This place employs highly qualified staff with extensive experience and up-to-date, up-to-date knowledge about the conduct of nursing practice. The program’s work inspires only a cheerful attitude and leaves positive impressions.


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