Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios and Related Debates

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In the recent past, one may observe active debates regarding the nurse-patient ratio, which have resulted in the fact that various states enact laws and policies to oversee this ratio achieved. In this regard, your assistance in achieving such a state in order to improve the health care system will be very much appreciated.

Benefits of Nurse-patient Ratio

With the increased and well balanced nurse-to-patient ratio, we are deemed to experience the following benefits in the health sector:

  • Increase in the number of Registered Nurses (RNs) as could be viewed in California
  • Increase in the wage growth for the Registered Nurses as experienced in California
  • There will be a decrease in mortality rate since more patients are likely to be discharged alive
  • Due to less work force, there will be improved patient care
  • Improved recruitment and nurse retention
  • Higher nurse job satisfaction
  • The decreased use of unlicensed clinical and support personnel
  • The improved evaluation of the working environment (Aiken, 2010).

With such benefits, the nurses and patients will be satisfied with the association and relationship that will develop therein. Thank you and looking forward to your support.

Strategies to Influencing Votes

There is overwhelming evidence both from practicing nurses and patients that our healthcare system is in a crucial need of reforms. According to Abood (2007), a lot of practicing nurses are finding an inner urge and motivation as mine to advocate for changes in the laws, regulations and policies governing the healthcare sector. In order to achieve the required reforms, there is need to put into practice the following steps to ensure the drafted amendments in our laws and policies are enacted.

Local level

Firstly, a draft of the policy document with the desired amendments and changes is required with suggestions on how to increase the nurse-patient ratio among others. This bill should be presented to various policy makers as a proposal document that should be debated upon. Considering multiple obstacles for passing the document, it will need a lot of support from stakeholders including the nursing organizations involved in the debates.

Secondly, organizing and coordinating the annual state legislative day in our area should be arranged in order to take the opportunity and further discuss the document with other nurses.

State level

Thirdly, with the help of various organizations, it is important to organize public meetings, where lobbying for the support of the policy change can be considered. Fourthly, seeking of help of other advocates with the same interest as mine is necessary. This would involve the expertise of professional lobbyists. And lastly, as a means of boosting available knowledge and resource base, one should keep in mind joining various nursing organizations.

Increasing my Power to Influence Votes

In order to achieve the set goals as a lobbyist, there will be utilization of powers so as to influence the decision makers on the best course of action. This will be achieved by participating in different nursing organizations’ working processes. Finally, through the experience gained in the profession it will provide a better platform to voice out challenges that nurses and patients face, for example, the shortage of nurses and poor services. So, with the help of legitimate power given through our roles, speaking out on issues affecting the nursing profession will be mandated.

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