Family Nurse Practitioner

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Motivation to Family Nursing Practice

The choice to become a registered family nurse practitioner was contingent on many factors such motivation, satisfaction, pride, and self-fulfillment among others. In this paper, I will reflect on a few elements that motivate my roles, satisfaction, and ways in which I can influence sponsors and/or organizations to pay for my nursing skills. Numerous reasons have underpinned my career choice as a family nurse. I categorize them into intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The intrinsic factors encompass the opportunity to provide service to people while the external factors include flexibility, responsibility, autonomy, and employment security among other incentives. Firstly, the desire to offer superior nursing services to people underpins my profession. This situation has helped me provide professional care to patients, especially at the community and family levels. I have witnessed the agony endured by suffering family friends who needed close nursing attention during the recovery period. Thirdly, family nursing gives me an opportunity to exercise my religious skills of offering service to people.

My Pride in the Practice

I am best at promoting a healthy living in private homes. Disease prevention reduces the instances of falling sick. The accomplishment of this responsibility is my pride as my clients have variously thanked me for adopting proactive disease prevention approaches. The task requires me to provide guidance and education on disease prevention and adopting healthy lifestyle habits to the patients. I am proud of this responsibility since my patients have always shown significant health improvements.

What I do best in Family Nursing Practice

Having been registered as a family nurse practitioner, my desire to continue pursuing my Masters Degree follows my potential to conduct duties professionally. My duties range from ensuring continued collaboration with other healthcare professionals to offer dedicated services such as health promotion, disease prevention, direct care, and counseling among others that revolve around the family unit. Having received advanced training in the family nursing practice qualifies me to serve as a healthcare administrator and policymaker.

Satisfaction as a Family Nurse Practitioner

The practice of family nursing serves as a tool for self-fulfillment. My responsibility to provide healthcare to individuals and families brings about a sense of career accomplishment. The appreciation that comes from the patients and their families is the best reward for every nurse who values offering care services to people. Additionally, the family nursing practice provides me with the opportunity to exercise autonomy while making work-related decisions. In this regard, self-sufficiency assures job security besides providing a chance to make appropriate decisions regarding the accomplishment of responsibilities.

How I can attract Consumers or Organizations to pay for my Family Nursing Skills

The masters program will equip me with additional skills and confidence in family nursing. I intend to offer professional care and develop loyal consumers who can always choose me whenever they need services falling within the practice. This goal can be achieved by seeking knowledge about the dynamic attributes of my clients such as age, education levels, and patient needs besides developing the best treatment plans for acute conditions. Writing articles on the best family healthcare practices and dangerous lifestyles can help me woo organizations to offer donations to support my skillful work. In the wake of the digital age, keeping pace with the ever-advancing technology can help me reach diverse online communities. This state of affairs will prompt them to acknowledge the need for the family care and dedicated services.

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