Introduction of Technology in Nursing


The idea of evaluating the finance-related transactions in medicine helps in analyzing the profitability highly expected from the monetary investments incurred by the health service organizations. The financial analysis in medicine encourages the well and maximizes full usage of resources in a profitable way that enables the effective running of the health care organizations while planning for the next future operations. The financial role is enhanced through certain actions involving a Timeline describing the plan’s duration, Budgets that indicate the expenses associated with the proposed project activities, and an evaluation plan that describes the expected methods of monitoring and evaluating the project.

Financial Proposal Analysis

A financial proposal in healthcare entails the organization’s details intended to be attained, clearly stating objectives and clear organization facts. The financial proposal includes financial statements such as the balance sheets, cash flows, shareholders’ statement of equity, and incomes statements. The financial statements are four, where the balance sheet displays a report on what the organization has at the specified duration of time. The balance sheet indicates the liabilities and assets of the health facilities organization involving the shareholder’s equity. The liabilities include the debts the health organization has after borrowing from outside resources, which is experienced in either short-term or long-term liabilities (Schmotzer et al., 2021). Assets are what the organization owns, containing the value that helps in the normal running of the organization. Capital is the business assets containing value when the organization belongs to the shareholders or organization owners.

The income statements display the company expenditures and income showing the business trend of making profits or losses within a specified duration of time. The income statements help identify the proportion to be received by the shareholders if the organization reinvests all the net earnings at that period. The cash flow statements show the inward and outflow of the cash, which is important as it enables health care to pay its acquired assets and expenses. The cash flow indicates the net rise or decline of the cash within a specified duration of time (Noh & Lim, 2019). The cash flow is experienced in terms of financing processes, investment, and operating processes.

Proposed project plan

The nurses can experience many changes involving the health care system. The current digital technologies are transforming the health facilities sector. The use of 3D printing practices in health organizations to perform surgical guides helps in the easy entry of patients results in the health care system. 3D printing technology introduction in the nursing schools creates an interactive interaction with the students taking lessons and classes enables the nursing students to grasp the ideas taught with ease and accuracy. The application of videos, including the animations of surgical operations, places the nursing students in an interactive environment, enhancing critical thinking and understanding surgical and clinical situations. The 3D printing software is valuable as it will enhance the nurses’ quick joint and bone reconstructions. The technology used in 3D printing creates a clear visualization in the medical industry through bioprinting the tissue and artificial organs. The use of 3D printing tools in the medical field with better training from professionals who are well trained automatically generates the best health care routine and maintenances from the medical institutions.

Among the biggest changes experienced in the current technology concerns, the health care sector is the introduction of 3D printing in medicine which facilitates the performance of complex operations. 3D printing application has many advantages that involve customizing drugs and medical products increasing productivity (Shahrubudin et al., 2019). The automated 3D printing gives a smart overview of the data presented that helps in saving time while accessing the intended healthcare records of organs.

The budget entails the plan indicating how the health organization plans to use the revenues and expenses, providing the best guidance on using the resources. Building and reconstructing the medical organizations, including the expenses incurred while purchasing the types of equipment used in the medical organizations, is incurred in the capital budget. Planning a budget entails the financial goals of adhering to the patients ensuring the patients maximum care and operations; hence the expenses should not exceed the revenues. The nurse budget is expected to consider expenses revolving around the staff who are the list of employees, including their salaries and any possibilities of making a new hire. The medical equipment should be considered, which facilitates general hygiene, which helps identify the type of resources that can be used by more than a single employee in the healthcare organization (Waxman & Massarweh, 2018). Reducing the health care cost in the medical facilities in maintaining the patient’s quality of care. Working with staff while ensuring the nurses are not overworked by exceeding the recommended working duration completes an intended task and interactive budget plan.

The evaluation in nursing is important in the health care sector, helping the nurses to come up with an evaluation of the audits, which affects the conduct and planning of the activities. The timeline implementation entails the corresponding actions and duration of the nursing, which is usually used to execute the projects, ensuring they become successful as initiated by the health organizations (Poortaghi et al., 2021). The evaluation of the program helps to identify what the project was intended to perform and the possible outcomes likely to be associated with the projects in the nursing practices.

Executive Summary

The nursing healthcare sector faces a lot of challenges that require enhancement. The budget proposal aims at the total number of healthcare working staff. The sick patients should be allocated beds which inquire for more beds in the health care organization. The estimated timeline of completing the projects depends on the intermediate reactions afterward. Introducing 3D printing technology in medicine organizations will generally lead to an improved outcome in the health care facilities involving a wide supply of drugs and operational services.


Introduction of the 3D printing in nursing institutions greatly helps in the interactions between the nursing students and the real medical experiences such as involvement in surgical operations. A nursing budget can be challenging since it’s advisable to focus on the major actions and activities that the patients require to offer the best health care facilities. Evaluation of the 3D printing program that helps in performing surgical and technical operations in medicine describes how to monitor the practices and setups in the nursing organizations as indicated by the paper.


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