Reflections on Nursing Practice

It is certain that in order for insight into nursing practice to be provided, it is critical to examine the experience of nurses who have been in a field for a long time. This is not only helpful in terms of determining relevant practices but also excellent to examine how the practice has changed over time. The dialogue with Josefa Gonzalez, a nurse with 40-year of experience, has illustrated specific nuances of the job, the changes facilitated by the shift in the healthcare field, and the evidence-based practices that Josefa deems helpful in terms of providing patients with the best care possible. As a result, conclusions were formed on leadership, provisions of care, shifts within the system, and evidence-based practice that the nurse has observed to be useful in practice.


The nurse’s answers gave an overview of certain aspects of nursing that a beginner may not perceive right away. First, it is certain that the doctor that Josefa deemed compassionate and kind to patients was a good role model that gave the nurse an understanding of the importance of forming a connection with those receiving care. Thus, while this may be a job with specific duties that are to be followed, the humanistic aspect of caring for someone and considering each patient’s individual needs is just as important. Moreover, the insights provide a clear understanding of how experience shapes the confidence of a nurse.

Theoretical information is a good start when it comes to knowing the procedures, protocols, and characteristics of the job. However, as time goes by, nurses realize that what they do requires experience and the practical appliance of their skills in order for them to be perfected. Furthermore, Josefa’s experience is not self-centered but is also beneficial in helping other professionals since human health is on the line, and selflessness allows more experienced experts in the fields to share their knowledge to prevent specific risks and maximize efficiency.


As mentioned prior, the role model that was mentioned by the nurse is the doctor who was calm and compassionate to patients. This leadership style was an excellent example to follow for a beginner healthcare provider. Thus, effective leadership is based on the practice that other employees see and try to replicate when working with patients themselves. In this case, a leader’s role is not solely to give instructions and monitor the working process. Instead, becoming the role model that nurses are to see and exemplify is just as crucial when it comes to improving knowledge and practice using relevant theories. Moreover, leadership is about being responsible for the colleagues and providing support alongside evidence-based information if needed. Thus, the leader is to become a team with the other nurses and be open to sharing expertise that can potentially be efficient in helping patients.

In terms of the provision of care, the overview that can be concluded from the interview is the importance of a patient-centered approach. A nurse is not only the person who exemplifies the daily duties and follows protocols related to nursing practices. For example, there was a mention of meditation as a way for patients to relax and become more self-aware. Such aspects of nursing are not commonly applied since they are not a part of the regular check-up procedures. However, being attentive in terms of the needs and preferences of individuals means trying different techniques that can be effective as a part of patient-centered care. In this case, a nurse becomes more than a healthcare provider and takes multiple roles to increase patient satisfaction and create a favorable environment for better health outcomes.

The insight portrayed through the answers to the questions has also exemplified the importance of evidence-based practice, namely Feldenkrais and meditation for terminally ill patients and the conceptual system theory. Practices that have been researched, implemented in different institutions and programs, and practically applied are backed up by evidence. This helps nursing become efficient in regards to implementing new strategies that have been proven to be beneficial for patients or within nurse teams.

Nursing History

Since Josefa Gonzalez is a nurse with more than 40-year experience, it is certain that there have been major changes in the healthcare system. For example, sterilizing needles and other practices that have changed exemplify that the industry has been moving towards safer measures that ensure patient well-being. Moreover, the nursing history as a general subject can become a motivator for nurses to become similar to significant personalities such as Imogene King. Current professionals can not only learn about the industry and the new advances that occur due to technological development but also consider nurses who have come up with essential frameworks that are still widely used in practice.


In conclusion, the dialogue with Josefa Gonzalez has been particularly useful for determining how nursing has changed over the last 40 years. Moreover, a professional with such big expertise in the field illustrated that knowledge, evidence-based practice, and collegiality is essential and represent leadership as it should be. The practices may have changed over the years, but compassion and patient-centered care are still at the core of nursing. This illustrates that safety, well-being, and individual approaches to every individual remain effective practices that still improve patient outcomes and contribute to a better nursing environment.

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