Advice for Aspiring Nurse Leaders

The paper summarizes the assigned article on leadership in nursing, briefly presenting the main message the authors sought to communicate. In addition, it contains speculations on how the content can influence nursing practice in the future. Overall, the usefulness of the piece under review is doubtless, as its provides a broader and more complex perspective on the psychological side of leadership than skill training does.

Assigned Article Summary

An essential condition of becoming a reliable and productive nurse leader is physchological readiness to organize and guide the other, which many junior practitioners lack. Specifically, Bove & Scott (2021) mention that, although it provides theoretical knowledge, “education on leadership skills” can hardly prepare the students for a “transition from bedside” (p. 44). Simply stated, staff members whose normal behavior is subordinance and assistance may find it challenging to overcome the internal barriers that prevent them from becoming supervisors. Considering this, psychological self-formation to develop confidence presumably is even more important in comparison with theoretical knowledge, as without the former, the latter is practically senseless.

Mentors, therefore, should not only teach future leaders, but also support them emotionally, so that they acquire sufficient courage and inspiration to use their skills. The most effective approach to such multidimensional education apparently lies in providing role models to follow, which mentors actually should do (Bove & Scott, 2021). Such a strategy combines theory and practice, saving time; in addition, it is highly personalized, in other words, considers the traits a particular individual has to develop and allows for favorable environment to do that.

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

I find the article quite helpful because I have hardly ever regarded the issue under review through such a lens. Specifically, I did not guess that education on leadership skills not necessarily would mean psychoemotional advancement; for me, those were synonyms. From the article, meanwhile, I learned about the predispositions to productive collaboration other than the ability to guide, such as emotional intelligence and empathy. These factors actually determine psychological maturity and currently are not sufficiently strong in me.

Considetring the above, now I realize the essentiality of organizing my own feelings and thoughts prior to trying to guide somebody else. This should become the cornerstone of my practice since the majority of the mistakes I still make derive from my nervousness along with excessive self-centeredness. Successful performance, meanwhile, presupposes empathizing with the other as the priority, which is possible exclusively on the condition of internal harmony.


The article, which the paper examines, regards the psychology of a nurse leader, therefore enhancing the conventional perspective on leadership that involves only the appropriate skills. Those, however, are senseless in an emotionally immature person, as his or her confidence and self-governance most probably are too poor to apply them successfully. I belong to this category as well; in other words, my lack of courage and empathy apparently is the reason why I countinue to make mistakes in my practice. The content of the article, however, can be helpful in closing those gaps.


Bove, L. A., & Scott, M. (2021). Advice for aspiring nurse leaders. Nursing, 51(3), 44-47. Web.

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