Instant Heart Rate Mobile Health App: Patient Guide

Scenario for Mr. Richards

  • Mr. Richards is a 35-year-old male diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • He did not feel well during the past week due to his blood pressure, so he went to a hospital
  • He works as a financial analyst at a large international company (stressful job)
  • He cannot use his blood pressure monitor at work and seeks for a more convenient device to use
  • He believes that a mobile application would help him monitor his heart rate better

mHealth Application

  • Name: Instant Heart Rate (Azumio)
  • Purpose: To monitor heart rate during rest, exercise, etc.
  • Audience: Athletes, people with low/high blood pressure
  • Mobile Device: Smartphones, tablets (Apple, Android, Windows)
  • Location: App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone


  • User-friendly interface; a finger is placed on a camera to analyze heart rate
  • Features: View of the pulse wave, use of tags, use of notes if necessary
  • Usability: the device requires a phone camera (better equipped with a flashlight) to function (Instant Heart Rate, n.d.)
  • Patient can track down their progress (e.g., at a gym or during jogging/cardio session)
  • Heart rate can be monitored and compared using heart rate history (time and date available) (Instant Heart Rate, n.d.)


  • Patient can independently control heart rate if feeling unwell or during exercise
  • The app is easy to use, suitable for adolescents and elderly (patient’s family can monitor data with the help of the sharing option) (Lee, n.d.)
  • Notes will remind the patient why his heart rate changed
  • The app allows a quick tracking of the heart rate during an emergency if the BP monitor is not nearby
  • Can potentially prevent/indicate a serious heart problem


Instant Heart Rate (n.d.). The first, fastest, and most accurate mobile heart rate monitor. Web.

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Lee, A. (n.d.). Tech review: Instant Heart Rate app by Azumio. Web.

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