Healthcare vs. Non-Healthcare Positions

The emphasis on interdisciplinary communication as the foundation for the further development of the employees is, perhaps, the primary characteristic that drives a thick line between the positions of a healthcare manager and a manager from any other area. Unlike the regular one, a healthcare manager must focus on coordinating the actions of people from different departments so that not only unceasing information flow but also the time issue could be addressed.

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There is no need to stress that schedule problems leading to numerous workplace burnouts have become increasingly common over the past few years (Brandenburg, Gabow, Steele, Toussaint, & Tyson, 2015). Therefore, the need to handle the identified issue and create an environment in which the staff members could manage their time appropriately can be considered the essential characteristic of a healthcare manager that makes them different from the one in any other domain.

Furthermore, involvement with the community and focus on its diverse issues is another important role that sets a healthcare manager apart from managers in other areas. To provide the target patients with the services of the required quality, healthcare experts must make sure that the process of care delivery is placed in the context of a particular environment with its cultural specifics. Furthermore, a healthcare manager must use the support of the community members as the means of promoting the required healthy habits and lifestyles to patients.

Therefore, while at some points, the roles and responsibilities of managers from other domains and those of a healthcare expert intersect, the latter focuses extensively on promoting transparency, improving the connection between community members, and encouraging the target population to acquire lifelong learning skills that will help them take care of their health.


Brandenburg, L., Gabow, P., Steele, G., Toussaint, J., & Tyson, B. J. (2015). Innovation and best practices in health care scheduling. New York, NY: Institute of Medicine of the National Academy.

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