Banner Health Company’s Analysis and Strategic Plan

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The selected entity for this paper is Banner Health, a non-profit healthcare organization in the United States. Banner Health is a network of more than 28 medical facilities providing care services to different populations in six states in the US. The organization deals with emergency interventions and surgery together with inpatient and outpatient services. This paper discusses Banner Health’s readiness to address health care needs in the next decade together with giving a strategic plan for network growth, nurse staffing, resources management, and patient satisfaction. A comparison with Singapore Airlines Case Study is also given and the underlying cultural issues.

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Readiness to Address Health Care Needs in the Next Decade

Banner Health’s preparedness to deal with patient health care needs in the next decade can be assessed from different perspectives. The first aspect is the organization’s presence in different places across the United States. The large network of 28 medical facilities in six states across the country underscores the organization’s success in health care service provision. The organization also has over 50,000 employees, which is an indicator of its preparedness to address patient needs in the next decade (Banner Health, 2018). Additionally, Banner Health offers a wide range of services, including emergency interventions and surgery, which will play a critical role in care provision moving forward with the increasing cases of chronic conditions in society.

The organization is also prepared concerning resource mobilization and management. Currently, Banner Health is intensifying its efforts to solicit enough resources from donors to ensure that quality and sufficient service provision to its clients. In addition, the organization has a youthful workforce, and it is rated second in that aspect after Walmart. The young manpower will ensure that the organization is in a position to offer quality health care services in the next decade without having to deal with chronic understaffing issues caused by retirement (Halter et al., 2017).

Strategic Growth

Despite Banner Health’s strong position in the industry, as outlined in the preceding section, it needs to plan strategically to ensure network growth and address issues related to nursing staffing, resources management, and patient satisfaction. Concerning network growth, the organization needs to expand its presence to more areas beyond the current six states. If possible, Banner Health should seek to avail its services to at least half of the states in the country. This goal is achievable and sustainable in the next decade.

Regarding nurse staffing, the organization should ensure that enough nurses are employed to meet the ever-increasing patient needs. The majority of baby boomers are entering their retirement age, and in the next 10 years, there will be a high need for nursing services to take care of such a population (Halter et al., 2017). Aging comes with health complications, which underscores the need for the organization to recruit more nurses moving forward. Besides, even as the organization seeks to hire more nurses, it should come up with strategies to reduce turnover rates. It would be counterproductive to recruit more nurses only for many others to quit employment.

Banner Health should come up with innovative ways to source and manage resources in the next decade. The organization should leverage technology to reach more donors and ensure that it has enough resources to run its services. Financial management should be streamlined to avoid wastage or diversion of resources (Ferlie et al., 2016). Finally, the issue of patient satisfaction will determine the growth of Banner Health. The existence and success of any organization depend on the happiness of the customers. In this case, the organization needs to continue offering quality services to ensure patient satisfaction. Such patients will come back for more services and refer other people to the organization.

Comparison with Singapore Airlines

Banner Health compares to Singapore Airlines in different aspects. Both organizations have employed young individuals, which make the majority of the workforce. The population of the United States continues to be diversified, hence the need for Banner Health to think strategically on how to address the issue of cultural diversity. Similarly, Singapore Airlines is facing the same phenomenon of cultural divergence among its customers.

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The airline company flies to different destinations across the world where people belong to diverse cultures and ethnicities. To address this issue, Singapore Airlines hires competent workers with different cultural backgrounds. Similarly, Banner Health is seeking to develop a culturally diversified and competent workforce to address the rising needs of people from different ethnicities.


Banner Health is a successful non-profit health care organization operating in six states in the US. The organization is prepared to address patients’ health care needs in the next decade by having a youthful workforce and presence in many regions across the country. However, Banner Health should focus on strategic planning to ensure network growth, proper resource management, patient satisfaction, and enough nurses. Singapore Airlines compares to Banner Health in different aspects. Both of them have to deal with a culturally diverse customer base. Additionally, the two organizations have employed a youthful workforce to address growing customer needs in the future.


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