My Experience at the Banyan Holistic Center

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Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has become popular in different parts of the world. In countries such as China, India, and Japan, many people embrace the use of alternative medicines in order to deal with certain conditions such as migraines and stress. Medical researchers and therapists have come up with powerful initiatives to improve the experiences of their patients (Kooning et al., 2015). One of the common CAM practices is acupuncture. This is an “ancient Chinese method that involves putting pressure on certain parts or points of the body” (Sonis, 2015, p. 889). Experts have embraced the use of acupuncture because it can promote health and prevent a wide range of diseases. This discussion uses my experience at the Banyan Holistic Center to describe how acupuncture can be used to release tension and promote weight management.

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Analysis of Acupuncture

Sonis (2015) indicates that acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine approach whereby thin needles are used to relieve pain. The needs are usually inserted into the targeted part of the body. The method is usually embraced because it has the potential to stimulate different nerves in the body and muscles. Past studies have indicated that the use of acupuncture can deliver positive health outcomes. Many Chinese experts indicate that the method promotes the flow of Qi (life force) in the human body (Rezvani, Alebouyeh, Imani, Entezary, & Mohseni, 2013). According to many people who embrace the use of acupuncture, poor flow of Qi in the body is a risk factor for various illnesses and stress. When the flow of Qi in the human body is restored, many proponents of the CAM therapy believe strongly that the individual’s health is restored (Asadi et al., 2015). In modern health practice, acupuncture has been embraced by many practitioners in order to deal with numerous conditions and health problems affecting the human body.

Acupuncture: Releasing Tension and Stress and Promoting Weight Management

As mentioned earlier, tension and stress can be treated through the use of acupuncture. This traditional treatment process is believed “to promote the flow of life force and energy in the body” (Kawakita & Okada, 2014, p. 7). When this flow is restored, the body will start to function optimally and eventually result in tension reduction. The level of stress usually diminishes with every new session completed. Patients who experience prolonged pains can embrace the use of acupuncture in order to improve the flow of body energy (Patil et al., 2016). Additionally, powerful stress management initiatives such as exercises should be introduced in order to deliver positive results in a timely manner.

Kawakita and Okada (2014) argue that “the use of acupuncture to manage weight is a multi-pronged strategy” (p. 11). Acupuncture is characterized by the use of different pins. The method is founded on the premise that a person’s weight can decrease or increase depending on the nature of energy flow. This flow is usually guided or influenced by the hypothalamus in the brain. This part of the brain maintains the functional balance of the human body that allows it to operate harmoniously. The hypothalamus is also known to regulate nuerochemicals and body hormones (Kooning et al., 2015). The use of acupuncture influences the functions of the hypothalamus. Recent studies have also indicated clearly that acupuncture influences most of the hormones in the human body that control weight, thirst, and body temperature. For example, the method regulates the quantities of leptin and ghrelin in the body (Sonis, 2015). Leptin is known to regulate the storage and metabolism of fats in the body (Sonis, 2015).

Experts have indicated clearly that acupuncture controls the body in order to curb appetite (Kooning et al., 2015). The process also improves the rate at which digestion takes place. Hormones are also regulated using the therapy (Rezvani et al., 2013). Some analysts have indicated that the treatment method can support the performance of different muscles in the stomach. These new changes will eventually help the body to record a desirable body mass index (BMI).

Acupuncture at the Banyan Holistic Center

My experience at the Banyan Holistic Center proved that acupuncture was a widely used approach for treating various conditions such as stress and tension. In this healthcare facility, the welfare of the patient is taken seriously in order to deliver positive results (Kawakita & Okada, 2014). The institution has a unique health care delivery model that is designed in accordance with the unique needs or expectations of the targeted patients.

The initial acupuncture session lasted thirty five minutes. The acupuncturist, Dr. Justin Newman, in the institution began by assessing my general health. The professional also conducted several physical examinations. My medical history was also analyzed in order to come up with the best treatment approach. The next part of the session was characterized by the insertion of thin needles (Kooning et al., 2015). The acupuncturist indicated that the treatment procedure would be completed after 10 sessions.

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During the acupuncture procedure, the needles were inserted on different points or parts of the body. I was requested to remove my clothes in order to have the needles inserted correctly. During the process, I felt a tingling ache after the needles were inserted. However, the patient does not experience much pain during the process (Kooning et al., 2015). I am also looking forward to receive the remaining nine sessions from the Banyan Holistic Center.

My experience was therefore outstanding because I was able to receive the best care. The acupuncturist was willing to support my health goals and guide me throughout the healing process. The acupuncturist concentrated on specific body parts such as the back and the legs (Kawakita & Okada, 2014). The professional informed me that the medical approach would relieve my stress and support my health goals.

According to my acupuncturist, each of the ten sessions was useful in order to promote the flow of energy from the brain. The professional indicated that the acupuncture process would streamline the flow of energy. The acupuncture indicated clearly that my weight gain was as a result of “a disturbed energy flow in the body” (Kooning et al., 2015, p. 532). With effective use of acupuncture, the brain regulates different neurochemicals and hormones in order to promote the flow of Qi (Sonis, 2015).

After the acupuncture session, I felt much lighter than before. I was also encouraged to condition my mind in order to deal with stress. I am looking forward to complete the remaining sessions in order to relieve stress and manage my weight. After completing of the acupuncture sessions successfully, I will be able to repattern my energy flow and deal with the challenges affecting my health (Patil et al., 2016). The acupuncturist informed me that most of the patients who had received similar sessions from the hospital had recorded positive improvements (Kawakita & Okada, 2014). That being the case, I will always embrace the use of various CAMs in order to record positive health outcomes.

Past studies have indicated clearly different complementary and alternative medicine practices have the potential to improve the health outcomes of more people. The experience showed conclusively that it was appropriate for future physicians and practitioners to identify new therapies and combine them with their cotemporary health delivery practices (Rezvani et al., 2013). By so doing, such professionals will find it easier to deliver evidence-based and quality support to their respective clients (Asadi et al., 2015). It would also be appropriate to come up with personalized treatment models that can be used to provide quality support to individuals depending on their health needs.

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Concluding Remarks

Traditionalists and acupuncturists believe strongly that the use of CAM approaches can complement the existing healthcare delivery models. Dr. Newman indicated clearly that the use of acupuncture can repattern the flow of Qi in the body and eventually result in stress management. The process also results in increased levels of hormones that regulate metabolism and fat storage in the body. Many people who have embraced the use of this CAM method have recorded positive health outcomes. The current evidence shows clearly that the use of acupuncture can make it easier for patients to relieve stress and manage their weight. Unfortunately, some scientific evidences have failed to explain how acupuncture results in weight management and reduction of stress (Sonis, 2015). This gap can be addressed by completing numerous studies in order to come up with better models that promote the use of acupuncture. This new move will encourage more people to combine both traditional and modern healing models and eventually produce positive health outcomes.


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