Florida Healthcare Insurance and Medicaid

The website Florida Health Insurance reveals the most relevant details concerning healthcare insurance options in different states. As for Florida, the state has various options including private and employer-sponsored coverage, as well as federal plans such as CHIP and Medicaid (“Florida Health Insurance,” 2017).

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As to the general health statistics of the population, it is noted that the state is the 32th healthiest US state. This position shows that Florida has numerous issues to address. It is mentioned that healthy lifestyles should be promoted, and people should receive access to healthcare services through extended healthcare insurance coverage (“Florida Health Insurance,” 2017).

Florida has not expanded Medicaid to a wider population while many states did. It is stated that the population of the state has quite a low accessibility to healthcare insurance (“Florida Health Insurance,” 2017). Therefore, it is possible to expect that the upcoming reforms in the healthcare system (which are likely to focus on decreasing access to insurance coverage) will be positively viewed in Florida. The state’s officials and population tend to see Medicaid and similar programs as cost-ineffective for the state’s budget.

The reform is likely to lead to a further decrease in the number of people who are eligible to apply for Medicaid. This trend will be associated with the deterioration of public health as the number of people suffering from chronic and acute conditions is likely to increase. As a healthcare professional, I will have to be knowledgeable about all the available options. I should be able to provide patients with the most detailed information on various plans. I should also pay a lot of attention to such aspects as prevention and healthy lifestyles.


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