Future of Nursing

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Nursing Education

A more significant amount of nurses with a baccalaureate degree may meet the requirements of nursing professionals in the community. My education will contribute to the public’s growing demands for professional care. The recommendations of the IOM show that nurses with a baccalaureate degree are needed because of the acquired skills that are not provided in the courses for registered nurses (RNs). According to the American Nurses Association (2017), America’s healthcare system is continuously improving and becoming more complex. Thus, it is necessary for nursing professionals to gain more knowledge in order to answer the system’s requirements. The process of getting a BSN degree can also grant one more opportunity for future growth.

A BSN degree can become the foundation for other learning possibilities. According to the Nurse Journal (2017), one cannot acquire a doctorate without completing a BSN program first. Thus, the fact that I am in the process of receiving a baccalaureate degree opens up new possibilities and gives me the option of pursuing a doctorate. The recommendation about getting a baccalaureate degree affects the following advice to double the number of nurses with a doctorate. This step in learning supports one’s ability to advance in his or her career. I believe that progress in one’s education becomes more and more critical with time.

A baccalaureate degree is one of many steps that a nurse can take in order to improve his or her skills. The idea of lifelong learning lies at the foundation of every professional nursing practice. Therefore, finishing this level of education contributes to a nurse becoming a true professional in the field. Lifelong learning is necessary for both patients and nurses as it ensures high-quality care and provides nurses with more opportunities for growth. The recommendation to ensure lifelong learning encourages nurses to be more ambitious in their activities and contributes to the future of nursing. My future BSN degree fits into this suggestion.

Job Market

The level of education can play a significant role in one’s nursing career. Various degrees often provide more job opportunities for nurses and open up new vacancies that are available in the job market. According to the report by Buerhaus, Auerbach, and Staiger (2014), hospitals favor hiring nurses with a baccalaureate degree over those who finished associate degree programs. Moreover, a BSN degree is often needed to provide care in some specialized fields such as oncology or pediatrics.

The ability to compete in the developing job market rises with a BSN degree as it teaches new skills to nurses, including communication and problem-solving. Many establishments seek nurses with this degree in order to ensure their retention and future growth. Furthermore, the Nurse Journal (2017) states that nurses with a BSN can earn more than RNs. Thus, the current job market gives many options to nurses with a BSN and allows them to implement their newly learned skills in practice.

The role of a nurse who acquires a BSN degree changes as well. As is mentioned above, this particular level of education can give one an option to continue the learning process. Thus, nurses with a BSN degree may choose to pursue a doctorate, which allows them to engage in teaching and administrative work. Therefore, after the acquisition of a BSN degree, I can not only broaden my field of practice but also contribute to the development of nursing.


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