ANA Recommended Professional Model

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The aspect of patient care includes communication skills and cultural and linguistic diversity. According to the principles of nurse staffing, individuals should have the ability to meet healthcare norms (Weston, Brewer, & Peterson, 2012). Registered staff should possess appropriate credentials and authorizations. According to the ANA principles, nurses should also have certain language capabilities and organizational experience.

When it comes to the organizations, the ANA principles state that the organizations should provide interprofessional support and timely coordination aimed to maximize organizational safety (Weston et al., 2012). The organization is responsible for continuous training and development of professional nursing competencies.

Patient acuity may have a serious impact on staffing. Most importantly, it can help a nurse manager to organize shifts according to the patient data. There was a time when the shift records were introduced by hand and turned in at the end of the shift so that other employees would see them as well. Nowadays, this particular task can be done electronically with the use of computers and necessary applications.

The most prevalent care delivery systems contain practical nursing, primary nursing, and patient-oriented care. On top of these three models, the nursing field has seen a rise in the number of practice models. These new models have been developed to sustain the efficiency of nurses, increase their satisfaction, and decrease bounce rates in hospitals.

The key AONE competencies are the management of communication and interpersonal relations, professionalism, business skills, and extensive knowledge concerning the healthcare environment (Carlson, Kline, & Zangerle, 2016). These four competencies make up the skill set necessary to develop leadership. The competencies presented in the AONE outline should be adopted by healthcare organizations if the latter has set an objective to provide high-quality care for their patients. The standards of TJC (The Joint Commission) are the cornerstone of the objective process aimed to measure the efficiency and overall performance of a health care facility. TJC standards highlight the importance of safe and first-class care.


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