My Responsibilities in Nursing


Nursing is a practice aimed at alleviating human suffering. A responsible nurse protects and optimizes his or her patients’ health. One of my strengths as a Registered Nurse (RN) is the ability to be responsible. Every individual should have both professional and personal responsibilities. This discussion explains the concept of human responsibility in detail.

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Being a responsible person

Liability is one of the best qualities possessed by successful people. Being a responsible person is the ability to take care of every situation or challenge in life and to guide others to achieve their goals. Such kind of people is usually accountable. They are always ready to accept mistakes and challenges. A responsible person tackles challenges by finding solutions to them and will also mentor and encourage others to become responsible.

What I feel responsible for in my life

I am a responsible nurse. To begin with, I always provide the best services and support to my patients. It is my duty to address every issue or challenge affecting my patients. I am always responsible especially when it comes to my decisions and actions. I always provide quality care to my patients because it is a part of my nursing philosophy. I also take care of my patients’ safety and always ready to handle every obstacle at the workplace. This practice explains why I have succeeded as a Registered Nursing (RN). It is my obligation to mentor others and encourage them to be responsible.

What I do not feel responsible for in my life

I am not responsible for other people’s mistakes. This explains why I encourage my friends, workmates, and relatives to be responsible for everything they do. Sometimes I find it hard to tackle my personal problems, especially when dealing with my patients. This explains why I am always ready to address the issues affecting my patients. My duty is to provide the best healthcare to my patients. I also encounter some weaknesses as a nurse. For example, sometimes I am unable to control my anger. That being the case, my current objective is to deal with this weakness.

Applying my sense of responsibility elsewhere

As discussed above, a responsible person will always emerge successful in his or her life. My sense of responsibility extends to other issues outside my immediate environment. I have to be responsible as a student. I also take care of my duties at home. It is my obligation to mentor my relatives and encourage them to achieve their personal goals. I always help others whenever I get the opportunity. This explains why many people appreciate my practices, decisions, and incentives. I will always be responsible because it is the gateway to a successful life.

The kind of things I take seriously

I take everything seriously in my life. This spirit has helped me achieve my goals. This explains why I have always taken my career seriously. I have also supported many patients and workmates. I always think carefully before making any move. This helps me avoid many mistakes and obstacles in life. That being the case, I respect the lives of my patients than anything else. This explains why I have to be responsible. I am always ready to address every problem affecting my patients, friends, and relatives. I am also aware of my obligations and goals as a nurse. In conclusion, I would encourage every individual to be responsible in order to emerge successful in his or her life.

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