Davita Company’s Nursing Award Program


This paper gives credible information on various questions that are to be asked in an interview. The interview will lead to an award program that will see the interviewee appointed as a peritoneal nurse in Davita Company.

Tell us your background before joining Davita

Davita is a renowned health center that was founded with a core mission to provide quality Medicare to patients. The clinic whose head office is in Denver, US is one of the leading providers of dialysis treatment. It focuses on providing medical solutions to patients, who suffer from end-stage renal diseases such as chronic kidney failure. The company has been operating under quality health guidelines and policies that are performance-oriented.

It has also set excellent quality standards and medical best practices that its employees are expected to uphold. Before joining the company, I was a medical professional with a solid academic background. I also had a two-year working experience from a busy health institution where I served as a pharmacist. This gave me a lot of exposure and experience that enabled me to understand how medical activities are executed.

During my working period, I tested and proved my delivery capacity as a health practitioner. The opportunity enabled me to employ the acquired knowledge into practice in ensuring that patient’s conditions are improved. Consequently, I have worked as a volunteer health worker for one year. The volunteer work also developed my confidence in dealing with patients and health issues. It also enhanced my understanding capacity on issues that appertain to patient health care.

Therefore, my competence, skills, experience, and track record in various fields were remarkable before join the Davita clinic. They were the key elements that enabled me to acquire a slot in the company after my undergraduate studies. I have so far delivered my duties effectively as ahemodalysis nurse officer. The position has also been instrumental in enhancing my competence level and medical skills. This shows that I hold the capacity and requisite competence to perform well if given a chance to serve as a peritoneal nurse.

What brought you to the company?

Various factors made me join the company as ahemodalysis. The factors that range from monetary and nonmonetary incentives include good working conditions, effective staff training, high salaries, and the need to deliver quality services to patients. In particular, I joined the company since it provided an ideal environment that could enable me to employ my skills, competence, and experience effectively.

In turn, I contribute to transforming the lives of various individuals properly. I also wanted a challenging environment that could enable me to utilize my skills optimally. Variably, the key driving force in joining the company was to contribute to enhancing patient care by diligently providing quality services. This was critical since the health center required devoted and passionate employees who respond to patient issues in real-time.

The biggest lessons learned and reasons for staying

The clinic’s mission and objectives enabled its stakeholders to develop a positive mindset that upholds noble performance ideals. The objectives have inculcated a spirit of determination and delivery of quality nursing care to patients. Indeed, the clinic has been one of the best dialysis treatment centers that provide quality services to patients. It has been operating under strong quality ideals, core values, and guidelines that are medically relevant and socially acceptable. It also has a good administrative team that ensures effective coordination, control, and management of various activities.

The management has put up a favorable working environment through the adoption of conventional techniques that motivate employees. In other words, there is a favorable working environment, good terms of work, team building, career development, and good communication channels. The company also has modern equipment with highly trained professionals that facilitate the quality delivery of health services to patients.

Reviewing these strengths, there are various lessons that I have learned as a nurse practitioner who seeks to deliver quality services to patients. In particular, I have learned about the power of teamwork among employees in ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of health services. The clinic has well organized working groups that are made of health professionals. Their mission is to enhance quality through innovation and creativity.

The working groups also enable nurses to organize themselves effectively into ensuring that patients are treated or taken care of without complications. As learned, any health institution that seeks to deliver its services effectively must organize its employees in working groups.

This is essential in ensuring proper management of activities and the provision of services. Secondly, I have learned the need for one to uphold healthcare best practices and professional code of conduct. Health practitioners should adhere to the professional code of conduct and best practices to ensure the diligent delivery of services. These elements are vital since they define how nurses should relate with patients, how they should execute their mandate, and the importance of their togetherness. I also learned the need for continuous training of health professionals. This is an essential step in ensuring that employees are well versed in conventional health practices.

It also ensures that the capacity and competence level of health officials are enhanced to enable them to give quality treatment to patients. This explains why training is an important element that any institution that seeks to provide specialized services to customers should embrace holistically. Further, the clinic enabled me to learn that licensed practical nurses (LPN) and other health practitioners are highly productive when they operate under favorable working conditions. This is evident since a good working environment motivates them to deliver exemplary services. Therefore, health institutions should develop favorable terms of operation to motivate workers.

How to continue with education in the current position or future position

As noted, training is a fundamental aspect that any health practitioner who seeks to deliver quality services must undergo. It enables one to acquire basic competence and skills that are necessary for providing relevant assistance to patients especially in the changing environment. As a serving health practitioner, I intend to make a viable plan of activity to enable me to enhance my skills through training while working. The plan is to ensure that my activities as a hemodialysis nurse or my future position as a peritoneal nurse are not jeopardized.

That is, I will attend training sessions during my off-work hours and on holiday. This will enable me to align my competence levels with new techniques of operations and skills that are emerging. Indeed, it is recognizable that patients who suffer from dialysis-related complications require specialized treatment or Medicare assistance. Such assistance can only be provided by competent individuals who are well versed with modern treatment techniques and skills. Therefore, advanced training would enable me to deliver effectively as a peritoneal nurse.

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