Nurse Manager’s Interview on Collaboration in Healthcare

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The interview with a nurse manager was conducted via Skype because of the convenience of this method. The respond revealed her attitudes and values regarding collaboration with team members. As a nurse manager, she is responsible for providing adequate communication, delegation, and documentation, so that staff members may effectively collaborate with each other (Masters, 2017). Among the most common ethical issues faced by the respondent, there are diversity awareness and consideration while providing the required care (McInnes, Peters, Bonney, & Halcomb, 2015). For example, it may be difficult for some nurses to take into account age, culture, or any other peculiarities of a patient. Incompetence and negligence are the two legal issues that were noted in the interview.

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As for coping with challenges, the respondent stated that delegation is one of the most critical options to apply in a team as it helps to transfer responsibilities, thus achieving the accomplishment of various tasks. A nurse receiving delegation should be competent, and a delegator should follow up to ensure that the task was completed. The standards of confidentiality imply security of patient data, treatment provided, health records, and any other identifiable data (Price, 2015).

Documentation should reflect intervention, diagnosis, and other related information (Collins et al., 2013). To justify patients’ trust, it is of great importance to respect their confidentiality and realize the responsibility assumed for the lives of others. The respondent mentioned that nurses are expected to comply with professional ethics standards, and their activities are to meet the requirements related to competence and responsibility.

Answering the questions regarding communication, the respondent mentioned that it is necessary to interact with a patient as an equal partner. Namely, a nurse should listen to patients’ concerns and respect their opinions, provide them with information in an accessible form, respect the right of patients to participate fully in solving issues related to their treatment, and directly assist them in maintaining their health (Maureen, 2013; Riley, 2015). In general, it was revealed that a key role of a nurse manager is to provide the foundation for collaboration based on the integration of communication, delegation, confidentiality, and documentation.


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