ANA Principles for Nurse Staffing Related to Patient Care

In 2012, the ANA principles for nurse staffing were introduced to improve the quality of patient care, the working conditions of nurses, and the work of organizations in general. According to the ANA, nurse staffing has to consider such factors as the level of preparation, experience, competency, and even the number of patients (American Nurses Association, 2012).

In regards to such principles and determinations, the effects of patient acuity on staffing are crucial indeed because they determine the level of patients’ safety and quality of nursing care, the promotion of support services such as transportation, housekeeping, and laboratory tests, and sufficient time for documentation. Unsafe conditions, as well as inappropriate staffing, are usually reported and improved in a short period.

Such organizations as AONE, TJC, and other institutions pay enough attention to staffing position statements and try to recognize them properly to meet the objectives set. The main aim of these organizations is to provide quality coaching to future nurses and other students, who decide to study with them. It is not enough to provide students with some information and expectations. It is more important to explain why nursing is crucial for different people and what improvements could be offered by nurses to this world.

There are many factors as the development of appropriate skills and principles, communication and effective management, professionalism, and the improvement of the health care environment. These organizations help to understand that nurses have all chances to work under the conditions they create independently. The only thing they have to understand is how to address all those work conditions using collective action and teamwork. As soon as nurses start working as one whole, they could achieve the required portion of success and satisfaction.


American Nurses Association. (2012). ANA’s principles for nurse staffing. Silver Spring, MA: American Nurses Association.