Delegation and Conflict Management in Nursing

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Nurses are often overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities, so delegating skills are necessary for achieving organizational goals, as well as developing the staff. Weiss and Tappen (2014) stress that many nursing practitioners find it difficult to delegate as they are often unsure whether the other person has the necessary knowledge and abilities to do the job right. Some people may simply lack the necessary skills to delegate effectively. One of the steps to address this gap is the identification of one’s own delegating style.

The completed survey helped me unveil some areas for improvement. For instance, I understand that I often think that people are unable to complete the tasks the way they should be. The provision of detailed instructions may be sometimes harmful as the other person may have a different view and approach (Weiss & Tappen, 2014). At the same time, I often give the task without proper details or support. In simple words, I give inappropriate instructions to people. I should be more careful when explaining the task. It can be a good idea to discuss some approaches or methods that the other person can use. However, when it comes to simple tasks, it can be enough to ask if everything is clear and whether the person has any questions.

In conclusion, I should note that I have certain delegating skill, but there are also some areas for improvement. The survey revealed these areas as well as made me think of possible ways to be a more effective leader. I should be more careful when giving instructions. I should also consider providing more support to people who may need it while giving more freedom to those who have the necessary skills and knowledge to do everything right.

Conflict Management

Conflict management skills can be essential in different spheres of people’s lives, and they can be vital in nursing. Nurses have to interact with diverse populations, so various conflict situations may arise. Several conflict management styles have been described (Ellis & Bach, 2015). According to the completed survey, I have a compromising style. This style can be beneficial in many situations, but it cannot be used in some situations.

The compromising style is quite an effective way to manage conflict, especially in cases when the sides are committed to similar values and goals (Ellis & Bach, 2015). However, in some situations, the sides can make the decision that will not be satisfactory for all the parties involved. Therefore, it can be more effective to use collaborative style especially when the sides have plenty of time, and the issue is rather important. To use this style, I may need to work on the way I handle conflicts. It is not enough to ask for solutions, but it is beneficial to explore the reasons why the parties promote their approaches. Understanding people’s motifs can help the leader to identify their real needs and hopes, which can lead to the development of the solution that will satisfy all the stakeholders. I also employ avoiding style in some cases, which is sometimes the best option, especially if the issue is not important. However, I should be careful when using this style to make sure that the conflict will not aggravate.

To sum up, my conflict management style is compromising, which can help me in many situations. Nevertheless, I should also be able to use the collaborating style when the issue is very important, and it is necessary to develop the solution satisfying all the sides. I should be more focused and attentive to unveil people’s real concerns and reasons for promoting certain solutions.


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