Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Key Concepts of My philosophy

My philosophy of nursing is based on core beliefs that include professionalism, accountability, compassion, and education. Nurses have the responsibility to promote and protect health and overall human wellbeing. In that regard, they should be accountable for self-regulation, professional development, and the quality of their practice. Success in the nursing profession is achieved through tenacity, compassion, and understanding (Hood, 2013). I believe that nurses should be compassionate toward patients and so treat them with respect, patience, and dignity. Nurses should conduct their practice within the limits of the profession’s code of ethics and standards (Masters, 2015). Moreover, they should strive to improve their knowledge and skills base through continuous learning. It is important to pursue higher education and participates in research studies that aim to enhance the nursing practice (Hood, 2013).

Nursing Metaparadigm

The four nursing metaparadigm include person, health, environment, and nursing (Hood, 2013). The person concept references any individual who is a recipient of nursing care. About this concept, health care, spiritual and social needs are met to improve the person’s health and overall well-being. The environment refers to the internal and external surroundings that patients interact with and that determine their health outcomes (Masters, 2015). It encompasses geographical locations, technology, environmental conditions, and relationships with caregivers and family members. The health component refers to optimal performance in the mental, physical, and emotional states of being. Finally, nursing refers to the process of promoting physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being through prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as through patient education (Hood, 2013). In my nursing practice, I deal with patients with various health care needs every day. In all cases, the environment plays a significant role in the development of their problems. Treatment usually involves medication as well as the adjustment of certain environmental factors to facilitate and speed up the recovery process. I apply my nursing knowledge and skills to alleviate pain and suffering.

The Nursing Process

Application of the Philosophy

My nursing philosophy can be applied in my present nursing practice in various ways. First, it can be used to carry out duties and responsibilities that are aimed at achieving the best possible health outcomes in the delivery of care. For instance, the accountability and professionalism aspects can be used as the foundation for service delivery and the formation of relationships. Second, it can be used during research to manage the direction and scope of studies. My understanding of the aforementioned concepts of the nursing metaparadigm can be used to generate topics for research. Third, the compassion concept can be used to improve the quality of care offered to patients by understanding them more and avoiding the influences of stereotypes. It can be applied in education to offer quality training based on the learning needs of individual needs as well as their areas of specialization.

Strengths and Limitations

The strengths of my philosophy include a wide scope, patient-centeredness, and professionalism. It covers the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm, focuses primarily on the needs of patients, and promotes the concept of professionalism in nursing practice. Besides, the philosophy promotes personal and professional development because it incorporates the concept of education and its importance in the nursing practice. The philosophy is limited because it does not provide a framework to synchronize personal standards and ethics with those of the nursing profession. A successful practice is determined by the harmony between personal and professional values.


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