Nurses’ Traumatic Experience

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There are many cases when the personal experience of the specialist can help him or her to provide the clients with proper assistance and prevent them from getting depressed. I am strongly convinced that such a situation will be especially beneficial for the client if we talk about the fields of nursing and medical care. Everyone knows that traumatic experience related to prior romantic relationships remains one of the most serious events that can cause significant damage to person’s health. Due to that, it is really important to work with the victims of domestic violence and provide them with support. When considering the importance of personal experience for the healthcare specialist, it is necessary to remember that it cannot be regarded as the primary factor allowing to help the clients in a more effective way.

As for my personal opinion on the topic, I suppose that positive outcomes of treatment depend upon a range of factors. Therefore, nurses’ experience of abusive relationships may help them to work more effectively only in case if they have already recovered from such experience that can make it really difficult for people to trust somebody and form relationships in the future. According to many patients, they are likely to trust those healthcare specialists who understand their pain, and this is why nurses’ experience may significantly increase the chances of success (Dinc & Gastmans, 2013). At the same time, the treatment is going to be successful only if the nurse has managed to learn an important lesson from her of his experience; knowing what needs to be done in order to recover as soon as possible, such specialists are likely to be more effective when it comes to working with the victims of domestic violence.


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