Capstone Nursing Projects: Manuscripts

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Capstone projects enable students to conclude their work in learning institutions. They help the students reach the apex of their studies. When they make manuscripts, they expect the best out of them. It helps them to confirm their skills. The paper would provide information on the making of the manuscripts.

Capstone Project

Capstone projects may take ten weeks to complete. Others may even take two semesters or just one semester (Shankar, 2010). The project equips the writer with fundamental skills for research. It also enhances the abilities of the author because the work would be helpful for future references (Shankar, 2010).

The journal editors rely on peer reviews to maintain high quality and good standards in the works they receive for publication (DeGrazia, 2011). They rate the quality of the manuscripts according to their contribution to the field of study and adequacy of the research design (Dow, 2005).

Peer Review Process

The peer-review process would include the submission of the manuscript to the editorial manager. There would also be the need for confidentiality by the editors (Dow, 2005). Sometimes there is a divergence of thoughts. There could be a conflict of interest between the author and the editor and or the editing company. If this happens, then it is important not to review the manuscript. The reviewer may also reassign the paper (Shankar, 2010).

The reviewer may look at some important areas of the writing. There is a need to examine the recommendations that are necessary for admission or rejection. The entire manuscript needs rating and confidential comments for the editor (Shankar, 2010). The reviewers would be looking out for the appropriate problem statement, background literature, research design, and method. Data analysis is also crucial (Blum, 2009). Other areas include the results, discussion, organization, and style of presentation. Lastly, one needs to conclude with a summary of the work (Shankar, 2010)

The topic of the review is also a primary concern. The writer needs to find a subject that covers the entire discussion and research work. If the content is out of topic, then the entire effort put into the research work is in vain (DeGrazia, 2011). The introduction, the body, and the conclusions need to flow.

Reason for Acceptance

There are various steps and criteria that the reviewers would be looking out for in the manuscript. There is a need to know how to increase the chances of the paper reaching the publication stage (Blum, 2009). An honest approach to design and results in scientific writing would be very helpful (Shankar, 2010). It means that the writer must submit a well-crafted manuscript that shows a real structure and intense research (Shankar, 2010).

Reason for Rejection

There are cases of rejection of the papers (Dow, 2005). Research shows that the majority of the documents never get an acceptance nod. The main reason is the poor arguments that the writers use to support their work (Dow, 2005). If there is no detailed research, it can easily lead to weak arguments. The writers need to go through their work many times to ensure that they have the best points and concerns that promote the ideals of the research. Whenever a writer does not have good discussion points, it may lead to ignorance and misapplying the data or the literature (Shankar, 2010).


The primary concern of the author and or researcher is to contribute to the body of knowledge their critical views. Every acceptable work helps peer reviewers to find knowledge and wisdom.


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