Boston Children’s Hospital’s Strategic Analysis


Boston Children’s Hospital has an organizational culture that enhances the health and social wellbeing of all employees within and outside the workplace. The cultural approach helps in determining the right balance between work life and the motivation of employees to give their best. The facility can provide the necessary support for both employees and patients (Boston Children’s Hospital, 2015). Through modern technology, the hospital has enhanced a learning environment to help in the continuous improvement of its services.

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The main weakness of the hospital is based on the constant changes in technology and the growing demand for the changes. To curb the problems, the hospital engages in several upgrading processes that are expensive and require high technical skills that might be unavailable within the facility.


The Hospital attracts various private and public organizations that continue to show their intention of partnering with them. Through the partnerships, the facility can mobilize care and technology based on resources to improve its services. The financial and resource capacity allows the hospital to expand and increase its services (Boston Children’s Hospital, 2015).


There are emerging private hospitals and other health facilities that offer the same services to children. As a result, Boston Children’s Hospital faces stiff competition that might reduce its revenues in the future.


Boston Children’s Hospital. (2015). Annual report. Web.

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