America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)

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  • Promoting quality care through affordable medical insurance
  • Championing the critical role of insurance providers
  • Providing adequate medical insurance models through innovative ideas
  • Promoting equity for all Americans in accessing health insurance
  • Delivering quality results for all patients in every community

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) believes that attaining quality health care constitutes the efforts of insurance providers and other parties in the broad medical sector (AHIP, 2021). Essentially, the organization has been instrumental in curtailing the conflicts between insurance companies and entities. Part of the group’s initiatives includes creating awareness campaigns for equal access to medical insurance. AHIP also advocates for community development programs to deliver quality medication for all groups in the country.

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  • To support the private market’s contributing and values
  • To advance health equity
  • To advance ACA (Affordable Care Act) coverage
  • To expand favorable medical pricing and reforms
  • To safeguard employer-based coverage’s value

To advance the aforementioned goals, AHIP has designated various objectives enshrined in its activities. Crucially, the organization recognizes the critical roles played by the private sector in advancing quality care and providing affordable medical cover (AHIP, 2021). Also, AHIP sets to promote the integration of all through equity. Furthermore, AHIP focuses on protecting the value of employer’s coverage plans to promote the mandatory coverage of employees.


  • Championing for care
  • Cooperation with health insurance providers
  • Affordable health care coverage for all
  • Promoting mental and physical health
  • Innovative health insights

The undertakings of AHIP are guided by its vision of harnessing the might of collective expertise aimed at ensuring good health for all Americans (AHIP, 2021). The organization has previously mediated between health organizations and private insurance companies to ensure cooperation for the greater good. Also, AHIP has attempted to integrate innovativeness in its core programs through technological advances such as social media (AHIP, 2021).

Mechanisms Used to Influence Policy Makers

  • Promoting and defending Medicare benefit
  • Developing health impartiality
  • Expanding affordable care act coverage and affordability
  • Supporting and encouraging the value of the private market
  • Promoting the value of Medicaid managed care

Medicare advantage provides better financial security and reduces costs for taxpayers. Developing health equity aims to promote the inclusion of all American members while expanding the affordable care act coverage act aims to improve an established health insurance affordability fund. AHIP aims to support the value of the private market by enabling everyone access to high-quality, comprehensive coverage to protect their health and financial security (AHIP, 2021). Lastly, AHIP promotes the value of Medicaid-managed care by making prescription drugs more affordable for states and taxpayers.

Key Obstacles

  • High cost of health care in America
  • Medical ethics and total medical fraud
  • Provide healthy products to the market
  • Spending on specialty drugs
  • Legislative hindrances

Rising health care costs have been a financial burden for many families for too long in America, especially to marginalized communities. Medical ethics and medical fraud include billing for services not rendered. The organization also faces financial challenges in running its programs across the country and other parts of the world. Continued support by various stakeholders is vital to keep the group functional and effective (Livingston, 2019).

Health Care Spending Evaluation

  • Federal and state governments provide health care funds
  • The most significant portion of funds goes to medical services
  • Some finances are used to pay for prescription drugs
  • The funds are also used to fund doctor’s visits
  • Other funds go toward health insurance provider profits

AHIP assesses where the expenditure of health care funds in the country. Accordingly, 81.6 percent of medical services funds are spent on medication and medical services (Center for Responsible Politics, 2021). Such funds are critical in providing quality care to all Americans and the actualization of the national health goals. AHIP also relies on donations and funds from various entities to run its activities. The Center for Responsible Politics estimates that AHIP raised $294,746 and spent $348,000 in 2020 (Center for Responsible Politics, 2021). The money was crucial in running national programs and pushing the organization’s mandate.

AHIP’s Expenditure

  • While AHIP relies on sponsors, it also funds various organizations and individuals
  • Contribution to federal candidates comprise the highest expenditure for AHIP
  • Other contributors include general and joint fundraising committees
  • AHIP also transfers various funds to committees
  • Notable vendors are Blue Dog PAC and Scalise Leadership Fund

According to the Center for Responsible Politics, AHIP spends most of its funds on campaign expenditures. In 2020, the group spent an overwhelming $284,500 on federal candidates (Center for Responsible Politics, 2021). This contribution is vital as it fosters the growth and implementation of the organization’s objectives and political agendas. AHIP relies on various vendors for various supplies, documented by the Center for Responsible Politics. Such disclosure is essential to promote transparency and accountability.

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Collaborative Mechanisms

  • Project Link
  • Transportation initiative
  • Healthy food campaign
  • Sustainable medication
  • Social needs initiative

AHIP has continually launched various initiatives to push its medical insurance agendas. In 2019, the lobby group launched Project Link, a mechanism to spark teamwork among health insurers (Livingston, 2019). Such collaboration aims to create an avenue to address the social issues hindering the provision of quality and affordable care for all Americans. The organization also launched transportation and healthy food campaigns to promote the well-being of marginalized groups, especially those who cannot access transportation to the nearest medical institutions.


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