Professional Goals for Public Health Education

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In my opinion, the development of the field of public health is one of the most crucial achievements in the world because it helps to protect population against illnesses and other health problems. Besides, public health may address such issues as disease preventions, health promotion on a global scale, and education of people on how to take care of personal health (Seltzer 3; Turnock 2). The evaluation of the book about the philosophical aspects of public health developed by Ashcroft proves the existence of numerous ethical challenges and contradictions regarding such concepts as risk, effectiveness, and human rights (141). I find such profession as health educator as a considerable contribution to the sphere of public health. People should have good and proficient teachers to be confident in their skills and knowledge. I think that public health work may vary considerably, and my inability to understand what aspect of public health is more important makes me believe that health education is the sphere where I can deal with public health in its different forms.

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Mission Statement

I have learnt that there are three main functions of public health: assessment and monitoring of health in communities, formulation of public policies, and assurance of population with their abilities to promote health (Public Health par. 2). However, my opinion about the worth of public health is not based on some theoretical frameworks only. For a long period of time, I have been studying the importance of this field and imagine the situations when people neglect this discipline. I have discovered that contemporary education in public health is usually guided by a number of core competencies (White, Stallones, and Last 39). Still, not many people are able to deviate from the traditional approaches of education. It is necessary to investigate and develop new strategies and theories with the help of which people may be more involved in the solution of public health issues. I want to believe that my mission to contribute the sphere of public health education and inspire more people to take care of this field can be achieved in case I get the required portion of education and continue investigating the approaches offered in different countries. There are many European countries like Germany and Switzerland that demonstrate sufficient approaches to public health improvement.

Educational and Professional Goals for Health Educators

The experience I have got with the MPH program shows that there are many significant challenges, as well as opportunities that people have to recognize in order to make correct decisions (Drager, McClintock and Moffitt 14). Though the current changes in the health care system of the USA are impressive, they can be strengthened. People have to understand that even if they are not directly involved in the field of public health, they may contribute it sharing their experiences and demonstrating their personal interests. Therefore, my future plans is to discover how exactly other countries may improve public health issues and combine theory and practice to the importance of public health education being a good learner using the opportunities of the program on the one hand, and a good educator for others on the other hand. Therefore, it is not enough for people to know that they should take responsibility for their health. It is more important to explain how they may contribute this field.

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