Advanced Practice Nurses in the State of Ohio

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APNs Service Provision Barriers

Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are essential healthcare professionals who bridge the gap widened by the increasing number of people who need medical attention. However, it experienced a lot of challenges globally, nationally, and in Ohio state in particular. Brassard et al., (2020) provide challenges that include supervision requirements issues, matters relating to reimbursement of funds by insurance companies, high training costs and entry qualifications in their discipline. Additionally, there were unspecified kinds of services APNs are required to render, undefined privileges and benefits attached to the profession by the state and the poor remuneration among others (Brassard et al., 2020). Another challenge experienced by the APNs is how they are supposed to work as independent entities. The scope of practice includes providing guidance and counseling, working with the patients and their relatives to provide healthcare needs, checking and referring patients to certified doctors and other professionals.

APNs Forms of Competition in Ohio

Several forms of workplace competition interfere with the APNs’ roles. Gallagher et al. (2020) argues that there is stiff competition from doctors and related health professional organizations. Gallagher et al. (2020) further state that other health organizations limit the APNs’ independence in their work. Some healthcare providers underrate the services that nurses offer and therefore necessitate closer monitoring by the doctors to enhance quality services. Moreover, competition in terms of the training and academic level required for entry into the APN career.

Interest Groups Influencing APN Policy

The presence of interested groups such as Cleveland Clinic, OSU Wexner medical center, and Ohio Health impact policymaking by actively forming groups that give divergent views on services offered by the APNs (Woo et al., 2017). The interest groups affect the provision of services by the APN groups, thus influencing the states of individuals in need of their services. This hinders the work of APN groups, preventing people from getting help.

Lawmakers and the Methods Used to Influence Policy Change

State legislatures and executive branches of government can use a variety of methods to influence policy change. One such way is securing an agreement with a specifically approved doctor. This should also be done with well-spelled legal requirements of the entry and qualifications of the APNs by the state authorities (Schmidt, 2021). National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the Ohio Board of Nursing have played a key role in helping the nursing boards in the state of Ohio to implement the supervisory mechanisms of the APN agreement ideal (Schober, 2017). The Ohio government and regional laws have well enacted and embedded rules for the APNs. APNs persist with the growing population, and the government should design better ways for their being in society.


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