A Family in Crisis: Juanita Brown’s Case

What biological, psychological, physical environmental, sociocultural, behavioral, and health system factors are influencing this situation?

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In this case, Ms. Brown is suffering from depression due to a lack of sufficient money to provide for her children, a dangerous physical environment that creates stress, and a lack of sufficient respect from society due to her status as a black single mother (Penkunas & Hahn-Smith, 2015). Not only that, but her family also has no access to proper health care and she is already 48-years-old which limits the number of job opportunities she can apply for.

Is this a crisis situation? If so, what type of crisis would this be?

Suicidal depression can be considered as a crisis situation since it could result in not only the death of Ms. Brown but also significant trauma for her children (Smith, Hill & Kokanovic, 2015). What is necessary for this type of psychological crisis is immediate intervention from a health care professional.

What nursing interventions will you employ with this family?

The nursing intervention for this family would be twofold: Ms. Brown needs immediate access to mental care professionals to help her through her depression while her family would need to undergo a checkup at a local hospital to see if they have any health issues that are not immediately apparent.

How might your interventions be different if you find that many families in the population are experiencing a similar problem?

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The only difference in the intervention process that would be implemented would be in its scale. If I discovered that multiple families in a population are suffering from the same issue, then it would be necessary to bring in more health care personnel to deal with the problem. One potential solution would be to establish a free clinic in the area through governmental and non-governmental support to help the local community.

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