Use of Marijuana: Positive and Negative Effects


Marijuana also referred to as cannabis, is the single most used drug that is not supported by law. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the most active component of the drug, has been proved by scientific studies to have some vital medical and health benefits for ailing individuals. The researchers found out that, the benefits derived from marijuana were of importance. The use of marijuana has also proven to be addictive and has adverse effects on individuals who consume it indiscriminately. Most consumers of the drug, over time have constituted a menace to society, and as such strict laws have been put in place making the consumption of the drug illegal. Despite the negative effects of the drug on its consumers, and the strict legal implication of its consumption, the medical benefits derived from its use can not be Overestimated.

Use of Marijuana

The use of marijuana started a long time ago, aside from smoking the drug it was also used for some other purposes, for example, it was used in the making of fabric and rope, and some other people used it as ethanol fuel.

History of Marijuana

The history of the drug is believed to be as old as man, but from 7000-8000 BCE, the first marijuana fabric was said to be woven from dried cannabis weed. The people of China are believed to have used the seed as food since 6000 BCE. By 2727 BCE it was officially established in china that marijuana had some health benefits, from then on they began growing the plant on a large scale, both as a drug and for the making of fabrics. (Bozarth 24)

Positive Effects of the Use of Marijuana

Positive Effects on the Human Body

It has been scientifically proven that marijuana has some positive effects on patients suffering from nausea as a result of cancer chemotherapy. And as such, it is been used as nausea relieving drug. It has also been shown that the drug can reduce muscle pain in people suffering from multiple sclerosis.Another important benefit of marijuana is that it enhances appetite. (WriteWork Contributors 1)

Dosage Problems

Even though marijuana has been proven to be of immense health benefits, another major challenge posed by its use is that of prescription. This is because the quantity of THC in local preparations varies greatly in quantity. The amount of THC depends on whether the drug is made from the leaves or the whole plant. Because of the variation in the quantities of THC, the prescription of the drug has proven to be problematic.

Education for the Use of Marijuana

It is important to note that, instead of the outright ban by most governments, on the use of marijuana, the people should be adequately educated about the use of the drug. The prescription should be based strictly on medical grounds and only licensed personnel should be allowed to administer the drug. (Buckley 4)

Negative Effects of Marijuana use

Factors Influencing Social Use of Marijuana

One of the most recognizable influences of marijuana use is the craving for identity, or what others refer to as the desire to gain acceptance. In the course of growing up, kids are exposed to music videos in which musicians speak proudly of their use of the drug, in an attempt to be like their superstars these kids tend to start experimenting with the drug which often results in abuse.

Negative Effects on the Body

It has been proven that long-term heavy consumption results in some abnormalities in the structure of the brain, which leads to behavioral problems such as withdrawal. The use of marijuana also hampers short-term memory, basically as a result of poor concentration. Other well-known negative effects are the tendency of abuse, addiction, and psychiatric illness.


Though the drug has been in use over a long period, most people are still not disposed positively to the use of the drug. This is basically as a result of the attendant disadvantages they feel outweigh the advantages, and also, because there are alternatives to be used for its positive effects.

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