Professional Posters Development for Healthcare Project

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PICOT Question

In nursing staff at VEGA Medical Center, how does the implementation of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2016a) guidelines affect the accuracy of diagnosing and management of depression in the geriatric population within 10 weeks?

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Professional Posters

DNP project posters can be viewed as a form of results dissemination, essential for a DNP program (Christenbery & Latham, 2012). However, the development of a poster is a relatively complex activity: it requires the careful arrangement of the content logically and appealingly. As a result, resources can help a DNP student enhance their poster development skills by introducing various frameworks and specific suggestions that can be considered best practices.

Christenbery and Latham (2012) review literature on the topic of DNP posters and related presentations and provide some best practice advice. For example, they point out that poster development requires sufficient time, highlights the significance of the poster’s message, and makes some suggestions about its structure, layout, and visual design. A rubric that the authors provide for grading posters appears to be comprehensive, and it can be used to check the preparedness of my poster.

Bindon and Davenport (2013) present the 4 Ps framework and apply it to DNP posters. The first P is Purpose, which should be clear, and the second one is People, which means that a poster developer needs to consider the specific features of their audience and other stakeholders. The remaining elements are Process and Presentation, which describe the details of developing and presenting the poster. The framework can structure the process of poster development, and I will employ it to this end.

Poster Presentations (2016) has informative posts, illustrative videos, and various tips on the use of PowerPoint. For example, one of the website’s posts is dedicated to the determination of the size of the poster based on the content that it should include, and Poster Presentations (2016) offers specific size suggestions in the form of a table. I intend to use the multiple tools offered by the website because its advice is very detailed and helpful.

In summary, the presented sources are very valuable. They introduce specific suggestions on the process of poster development and the choice of its content, design, layout, and other features. Also, they offer rubrics and frameworks that can guide the creation of a poster. As a result, I feel that I am prepared to carry out the task.

Project Update

During this week, as well as this course, I have been working predominantly on the IRB package and the tools that are necessary for my project. In particular, the evaluation tool was the primary consideration during this week. The mentioned processes have met some obstacles in the prior weeks, but the latest week did not prove to be problematic.

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The evaluation tool requires the adjustment of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2016b) quality standards to the needs of the project. The process is facilitated by the fact that the quality standards are in line with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2016a) guidelines, which are the guidelines that are technically going to be evaluated during my project. As a result, the activity does not meet many barriers and cannot be called problematic. However, the standards are rather comprehensive, which is why some of their statements do require adjustments. For example, the project reviews the activities of the nurses of the VEGA medical center, which is why the second standard that focuses on the competence of various providers engaged in depression treatment does not appear pertinent. Apart from that, I can report the fact that my work on the IRB application is nearing its conclusion, which seems to be an accomplishment and success.

In summary, the week was not very eventful, but it demonstrates the progress that I make with my project. I did not detect noticeable challenges, with the exception of some minor adjustments that are required for the evaluation tool. At the same time, I am glad to share the success of completing my IRB application, and I am grateful for the support that I have received throughout the process.


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