Joint Disease as a Nursing Practice Issue

What is the PICOT question?

In adult patients with the joint disease (P), does attending a joint camp (I) compared to not attending a camp (C) increase surgical success rates (O) within the period of 12 months (T)?

Define each element of the question below:

  • P- (Patient, population, or problem): Patients having a joint replacement of the hip, knee, or shoulder
  • I- (Intervention): Attending a joint camp
  • C- (Comparison with other treatment/current practice): A group of patients who have not attended the camp
  • O- (Desired outcome): Surgical success rates of the patients that attended a joint camp are expected to be higher compared to surgical success rates of those who did not attend a camp.
  • T-(Time Frame): 12 months

What is the practice issue/problem? What is the scope of the issue? What is the need for change?

The practice issue is a joint disease (Barg et al., 2013). The disease is highly dangerous since it may cause serious disabilities and hinder patients’ movement. The scope of the issue is great since joint disease and arthritis belong to the world’s most common illnesses (Hauser & Orlofsky, 2013). Current methods of treatment do not produce the desired effect. Thus, there is a need for change to provide people all over the world with the most effective treatment techniques. Joint camps are considered to bring positive results (“Joint camp,” 2018). Not only do these facilities provide help, but they also perform an educational function.

What is the practice area?

  • Clinical
  • Education

How was the practice issue identified?

  • Safety/risk management concerns
  • Unsatisfactory patient outcomes
  • Significant financial concerns

What evidence must be gathered? (Identifies and documents four sources of evidence. Describes rationale for all checked types of evidence)

A literature search will be employed to find the most relevant scholarly data on the issue. I will focus on surveys and interventions aimed at relieving the symptoms of joint disease and increasing surgical success rates.

It will also be necessary to analyze the expert opinion on the most beneficial approaches to joint disease treatment in general and joint camps in particular.

Clinical expertise and evidence-based practice will help me collect the best approaches and analyze the most typical failures in the treatment of joint disease.

Finally, it is necessary to find out patients’ preferences concerning the treatment and participating in joint camps.

  • Literature search
  • Expert Opinion
  • Patient Preferences
  • Clinical Expertise

Search terms/How to narrow the search?

The following search terms will be used: joint disease, inflammatory joint disease, arthritis, joint camp.

To narrow the search, I will filter the publications for scholarly or peer-reviewed journals and choose the time frame of the last five years. I will also employ the list of keywords chosen. One more method of narrowing the search is using quotation marks to keep the necessary words together as a phrase.


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