The Type 2 Diabetes Patient Education

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Knowledge of the topic of Type 2 Diabetes and mortality from this disease will help to raise awareness of patients in this matter. In order to train patients in pathophysiology and to convey the topic of Type 2 Diabetes to them as clearly as possible, it is important to make a competent plan. To do this, it is essential to choose the main objectives that will be taught in the class. It is also essential to select the right video materials to help students understand the topic. Finally, the selection of handouts will significantly improve the patient education process.

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According to Bloom’s Taxonomy, objectives that guide classroom learning are crucial for student outcomes. Thanks to well-chosen goals, students will be able to learn more useful information from classes and learn the material they have learned (Agarwal, 2019). That is why, for my class on Type 2 Diabetes, I will use the following objectives.

  • Explain the causes of Type 2 Diabetes;
  • Specify the health risks of Type 2 diabetes;
  • Structure the acquired knowledge for a clearer understanding of the topic.

Thus, these objectives will help to approach the process of patient education in a comprehensive and more complex way. Moreover, they will encourage students to become more aware of the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes.

In order for patients to learn the topic of Type 2 Diabetes as effectively as possible and achieve all the objectives, it is important to choose the right material. To do this, I have selected several video materials regarding this specific topic. Each of these videos is available to explain the causes, risks, and consequences of Type 2 Diabetes. Also, all videos do not last more than five minutes, which is suitable for the time frame of the class. The video Understanding Type 2 Diabetes describes insulin resistance (Understanding Type 2 Diabetes, 2014).

What is more, this material explains in detail the importance of the hormone insulin and glucose for the human body. In conclusion, the video covers the possible consequences that can lead neglection of diabetes treatment. The second video, titled What is Type 2 Diabetes, allows students to analyze in more detail the causes of diabetes in both adults and young people. The video focuses on a more clear and simple explanation of the causes of this disease and provides many symptoms (What is Type 2 Diabetes, 2018). I chose these video materials because they are as easy to understand as possible for those who are not an expert in this matter.

At the end of the class, I am going to provide the students with a handout that they can read at home. In order to make this material clear to all students, I will use various diagrams and pictures. Thus, the brochure will describe the factors for the development of diabetes, the symptoms. In the section with causes, images will be used that illustrate the reasons for Type 2 Diabetes as clearly as possible. The next section will highlight all possible symptoms that may indicate the presence of diabetes. In this case, small pictures indicating each reason and symptom in addition to simple text will facilitate the understanding of the topic.

Thus, with the help of simple objectives, accessible video materials, and colorful handouts, patients will be able to understand the topic of Type 2 Diabetes. Moreover, this class type is suitable for the time frame and leaves enough room for students’ questions. The objectives are clearly formulated, which helps to understand what will be discussed during the class. Video materials are created in such a way that they are accessible and understandable to non-experts in the field of medicine. Bright handouts with the use of multiple pictures and schemes will help to fix the material passed and will always be available to students.

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Factors for the Development of Diabetes


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