Serving Vulnerable Populations

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Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease that affects significantly the patient’s life. A specific diet proves to be helpful in keeping diabetes’ manifestations under control, as well as reduce the possibility and severity of its consequences. Therefore, it is important to type 2 diabetes patients to maintain a healthy eating routine.

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While the Department of Agriculture, indeed, works to resolve the problem of food access, it does not narrow its activity to the individual cases of it. However, USDA (2021) website states that “the organization provides critical nutrition assistance through Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) programs” (pp. 1). These programs could help resolve JK’s situation. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would also be helpful for JK’s issue, as one of their sectors targets specifically the control of chronic issues and prevention measures. Still, the most helpful organization here would be the American Nutrition Association. It works specifically with the food deserts problem and can address individual issues such as JK’s case.

An appropriate and realistic groceries budget for one week would be $75-80, seeing as JK has specific dietary restrictions. Among the best shopping locations in Miami for that budget would be Milam’s Market, Walmart Supercenter, and Trader Joe’s. The best route to reach them would be to take bus routes 7, 15 or 12 respectively, as all of the stores are within walking distance from bus stops. It would be best to take these routes in the afternoon to avoid traffic.

The support services can be defined as an assistance program for the members of the community that have troubles providing for their nutrition. Such programs may provide either financial help to their participants or support the community with additional food supplying, as well as with organizing food banks. For example, The Commodity Supplemental Food Program provides monthly packages of healthy food for senior citizens (Food and Nutrition Service 2021). Seeing as JK lives in a food desert, it would be wise for her family to learn more about such programs and apply for ones that fit JK’s situation the most.

Miami-Dade county’s overall infrastructure and food accessibility prove to be more developed than JK’s community. Food Access Research Atlas shows that, while there are indeed some difficulties present, overall, the food services are mostly situated within 10 miles from each other and are present in all parts of the county (USDA 2021). Thus, the situation in Miami-Dade is less complicated.


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