More Sugar – More Health Problems

The statement that a person’s health directly depends on what one eats is supported by nutritionists and athletes. However, those consumers who are indifferent to the topic of healthy nutrition may not be aware of the dangerous implication that the uncontrolled intake of food and, in particular, sugar may have on the body. The excessive consumption of sugary foods is a direct threat to various body systems and can cause irreparable consequences.

Much sugar is a danger to the cavity and the threat of caries development. Moreover, according to Bright Side (2018), in addition to tooth decay, joint problems, skin rashes, weight gain, and other dangerous symptoms are the result of uncontrolled consumption of sugary foods. The more sugar a person eats, the higher are the risks of addiction, and therefore, many nutritionists compare sugar to a drug.

One should also take into account that sugar is found not only in popular desserts and chocolate. Scientists inform consumers that dairy products, fruit, other everyday foods contain this sweet component, and their excess consumption is fraught with the same severe consequences (“The sweet danger of sugar,” 2019). As a result, control over all the diet is necessary and not just those meals that include sugar in its natural form.

One of the potentially effective strategies to minimize sugar intake is to replace it in the diet. Rodda et al. (2020) suggest paying attention to natural sugars and spices, such as honey, cinnamon, or maple syrup. Another convenient and useful technique is controlling one’s calorie intake daily. As Rodda et al. (2020) remark, today, there are many tools and applications to track daily calories, including sugar. Adhering to these strategies can help reduce the intake of this component in the diet and, at the same time, not to experience a significant need for it.

Controlling sugar consumption is an essential aspect of modern life since the availability and variety of sugary foods increase the risks of addiction that is difficult to overcome. Such strategies as calorie counting and sugar replacement with natural substitutes can help improve well-being and reduce the likelihood of severe health problems. Do not be afraid to start eating properly; be afraid of the consequences of poor nutrition!


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