The Holistic Care: Case Study


This paper presents a profile of my neighbor whom I find rather interesting in terms of diverse background and unique worldviews and health approaches.

  • Initials: L. Kulesh
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 67
  • Place of birth: Kyiv, Ukraine (former USSR)

The individual under analysis is an immigrant who has arrived in the United States of America several decades ago when she was in her early twenties. Mrs. Kulesh has adjusted to the new culture that has become her home; however, she still identifies strongly with her original background. She has recognized that at first, she has experienced issues learning to communicate in English, finding employment, and making friends. Currently, she is in close relations with a Russian-Ukrainian community in her city.

Past and Present Health Status

By the age of 30, Mrs. Kulesh began to have issues with teeth due to a lack of health literacy as to the pregnancy-related concerns (her teeth became weaker after she gave birth to her daughter). By the age of 45, she began experiencing menopause which brought serious emotional and physical discomfort. At the age of 65, she began to struggle with blood glucose imbalance.

Present Concerns

Her current health concerns involve hypertension, elevated blood sugar, hair loss, arthritis, venous insufficiency, sore limbs (knees, wrists, elbows). She is emotionally concerned due to a lack of communication with her daughter and two grandchildren, and she is also unhappy with her current life partner with whom she struggles to find agreement in terms of financial resources.

Past and Present Coping Patterns

Mrs. Kulesh consults her doctor when it comes to her health. Also, her daughter is a pharmacist who gives her advice as to the best medications. She is also keeping to a diet in order to address her hypertension and blood sugar problems. Emotionally, she is rather sensitive and suspicious which indicates the lack of resilient coping mechanisms.

Healing Beliefs

Mrs. Kulesh trusts in alternative medicine and old-fashioned home remedies (herbs, tinctures, food supplements). Besides, Mrs. Kulesh believes that God may heal her illnesses (and the illnesses of her close ones) if she engages in regular prayers.

Health Values

Mrs. Kulesh is convinced that health is the most important aspect of an individual’s life. She regularly cares about her hygiene. Also, she is terrified of becoming weak and helpless. She says that she does not want to grow so old and become burned to her relatives. Emotionally she is scared of her old age and what it is associated with (becoming dependent and creating problems for her close ones).

Social Support

Mrs. Kulesh has three close friends (also of Ukrainian and Russian heritage). She lives together with her husband, and they help each other with their health issues. Financially, she is supported by her children. She also is a part of a gardening club that provides her with communication and friendly relationships.

Religious/Spiritual Practices

Mrs. Kulesh is not a very religious person; she does not follow any rituals. However, she recognizes the Orthodox Christian, and sometimes she attends church alone.

Personal Health Goals

Mrs. Kulesh is taking care of her health in order to remain healthy and independent as long as possible. She avoids staying home for too long; she prefers to be mobile and contemporary. She has excluded unhealthy foods from her diet (fatty and sugary products).

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