OCHIN Healthcare Organization’s Analysis

Background Information and Explanation

The case study is focused on OCHIN, an organization that recognized some of its approaches must be revised because the number of clients has increased significantly. A particular initiative was developed to support such changes (Maccoby, Norman, Norman, & Margolies, 2013). It is imperative to mention that one of the biggest benefits of this approach is that the information about medical records may be accessed in case of emergency, and it can be viewed as a significant advantage most of the time. Moreover, the data that is stored in the database may be analyzed to provide patients with better services. Also, the need to conduct pieces of training should not be overlooked because some technologies and products cannot be used efficiently without consultation. The case study consists of several sections and such aspects as the vision, the system, environment, mission, responsibilities and relationships are discussed.

Health Care Delivery

It is necessary to understand that one of the primary goals of this approach is to increase the level of efficiency of operations. Moreover, it is focused on the coordination of efforts with a broad range of tools and techniques. Also, one of the core aspects of this delivery system is the provision of EHR support. It is paramount to note that it offers a broad range of services such as connectivity, consulting, advocacy, leadership, administration, research, and others. Moreover, innovative approaches are always highly valued (Berwick, 2015).

The Structure

The implementation of three new systems was vital, and it differentiates OCHIN from other organizations. The first one was focused on the provision of knowledge and essential information to members. Moreover, it was important to coordinate the support because some of the approaches are incredibly complicated. The primary goal of the last one was to develop new products and to ensure that they go through several phases of testing. Two systems that were established before others are focused on configuration, installation and billing support. It is necessary to understand that the first version of the system was aimed strictly at members. However, it has expanded over the years, and the needs of the community are also taken into account. Moreover, the current structure is quite complicated, but it is paramount to note that it is separated into three areas focused on influence, mainstay, and support processes. Every single one is connected with each other to ensure that no complications occur, and numerous internal and external factors are taken into account.

Communication Patterns

The feedback was necessary in this case because it would help to get a better understanding of what aspects are especially problematic and need to be improved. Moreover, it was important to establish a system that would encourage active discussions.

Communication sessions were essential because they have helped to identify issues that were present, and they were promptly addressed. Moreover, this approach is incredibly useful because it can be used to minimize possible expenses and it is possible to ensure that everything is going according to the schedule (Iuga, 2014).

Moreover, another aspect that is worth noting is that every member of the team was instructed to exchange information and knowledge. This approach has helped to get a better understanding of personality intelligence, and it was much easier to identify communication needs. Sharing learning is another aspect that needs to be discussed because many professionals may interact with each other and voice their opinions about particular issues and ways in which they may be resolved.

It is necessary to mention that the role of communication is not overlooked by the organization and it is frequently focused on this aspect. For instance, patients are capable of contacting doctors with a use of a broad range of products such as eClinicalWorks EHR. Moreover, the access to the Internet is vital at this point because it has become an essential part of most operations in the organization.

Moreover, health care organizations may use this approach to ensure that patient care is coordinated across many states, and all the necessary knowledge is provided. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is that members can voice their opinions and may make requests if it is necessary and would help to increase the efficiency of operations. For instance, the numbers of patents and documentation are always increasing, and analysis tools are always in need of improvement. Also, one of the managers had to alter his communication methods to avoid possible complications related to cultural norms. Moreover, it indicates that the organization recognizes that the focus on communication is vital, and it can be used as an efficient tool to improve performance levels.

Negotiation Strategies and Relationships

One of the core negotiation strategies used by OCHIN is that it is focused on its interests. Moreover, all the parties that may be affected by particular decisions are considered during the discussion because the organization understands that it has a broad range of responsibilities. It is necessary to mention that this approach may be utilized to build valuable relationships across departments because members of many teams are participating in discussions. The organization was able to establish an environment where all the members can collaborate with each other. Furthermore, entities that are independent are capable of learning and sharing information that is received to improve practice. Also, it is necessary to understand that each body that participates in the process is treated equally, and the decisions that are made if it is beneficial for the whole system. This approach helps to ensure that every member understands values of others, and it can be used to establish long-term relationships.


It is imperative to note that the performance has improved significantly because of the initiative. The approach has helped to identify a much bigger number of patients that suffer from such conditions as diabetes and depression, and it has increased the number of positive outcomes. Moreover, it was utilized to improve the understanding of health care by populations that were underserved. Also, the quality of care was affected because members have access to latest techniques. The need to promote health policies also should not be overlooked because it is a critical part of the whole process. The focus on patient needs also needs to be mentioned because health care professional may gain vital information via communication and it can improve the treatment (Athwal et al., 2014). It is necessary to note that the organization has an enormous experience in the industry and utilizes the approaches that are the most efficient.

The focus on costs is also vital, and the initiative has helped to ensure that unnecessary expenses are minimized, and projects are justified from the perspective of economics. Moreover, the fact that the organization spends enormous amounts of resources on training is also worth mentioning, and it indicates that OCHIN values its employees and is determined to ensure that they are provided with all the necessary information and support (Maccoby et al., 2013). Also, it is imperative to note that the focus on diagnosis was critical, and the use of software programs was vital. The organization was capable of spreading improvements over relatively small periods of time, and the implementation of such changes took one less year than expected. Moreover, the results were quite significant, and an enormous number of patients were provided with high-quality services. Also, the fact that pieces of training were conducted ahead of the schedule also should not be disregarded because experienced personnel in this area are highly valued.

Laws and Regulations

The organization could have focused on ethics policies to avoid possible issues and complications. Moreover, the implementation of such protocols would be vital because it could be used to get a better understanding of what course of actions must be taken in a particular situation (Maccoby et al., 2013). Also, a focus on evidence-based practice could have been extremely beneficial and would increase the number of positive outcomes (Milner, 2014). The need to receive approval from Accreditation Commission for Health Care could have been considered in this case. Also, the compliance with ICD-10 is critical and should have been considered. Moreover, the organization could have devoted much more attention to best practice because the expectations of customers are set incredibly high and it may not be an easy task to meet their needs (Crema & Verbano, 2013). In conclusion, it is necessary to mention that the initiative is well developed, but several changes could be proposed to improve the efficiency of operations and prevent possible risks.


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