Agency Health Care Administration Compensation Plan


Agency Health Care Administration is a governmental agency that surveys Assisted Living Facilities and Intermediate Care Facilities in Florida. It was created by “Chapter 20, Florida Statutes as the chief health policy and planning entity for the state” (About the Agency for Health Care Administration, 2015, par. 1). Thus, this regulatory agency gives operational license to 45,000 health care facilities and ensures that employees (medical staff and nurses) follow stated regulations. It is also responsible for the Medicaid program that is maintained in the state and helps almost 3.5 million Floridians. The Certificate of Need program is implemented by this organization. Moreover, it works with the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation and makes sure that the population receives all necessary health information. The Agency shows fraudulent providers in true colors and reduces administrative costs. It is also targeted at the adherence to the golden mean and reduction of unnecessary regulation. It investigates the complaints of the customers that are related to the sphere of its operations (AHCA, 2014).

Strategic Map


The Agency Health Care Administration compensation strategy supports its mission, which states “Better Health Care for All Floridians” (AHCA, 2014, p. 1). The organization does its best to ensure the provision of the high-quality medical services. It selected several providers for their employees that are always available and easy to access. The Agency never gives up on the injured workers and promotes their convalescence and return to work. Due to the compensation, employee performance enhances, and they value their job more. Agency Health Care Administration always underlines the quality of the services, so it encourages continuous education and professional development. The Agency has numerous advantageous programs and provides the retirement plan. An extra sick leave can be gained or donated to any coworker.


The Agency Health Care Administration compensation plan focuses on the value of education and professional development. The achievements of employees are always recognized. To encourage them to share such views, various training are maintained by the Agency and its partners. The members of the staff support each other and help to cope with difficult tasks. The organization is divided according to its operations so that employees work in teams, each of which has its superior. The objectives and goals of all parties are considered when general decisions are made. The Agency maintains reports to assess its performance and improve it. Moreover, there is an opportunity to create one’s own schedule. Training and certification opportunities for employees are provided.


The Agency Health Care Administration compensation plan is rather competitive, as the organization is focused on serving the general public. The Agency provides the most beneficial health insurance for its employees with no annual deductible. Retirement is 3% employee contribution. It also includes 3% match from employer. The staff also gains an opportunity to earn some paid sphere time during the pay period. The Agency offers paid holidays, sick days, volunteer time off, maternity leave, etc. An employee discount and assistance program exist. Free lunch is offered.


Agency Health Care Administration increases pay on the basis of individual and team performance. It manages numerous beneficial programs that deal with different spheres of life: insurance, finances, family, time off, discounts, and professional support. The Agency offers equity incentive plan and stock options. 3% of retirement pay is covered by Agency Health Care Administration. The Agency reduces insurance costs so that employees pay $20-$40 per paycheck. Job flexibility is also offered, and employees can make their own schedules (AHCA benefits, 2015).


The Agency pays much attention to the education and development of its employees. The performance of the new workers as well as of those who manage their duties for dozens of years is assessed by the managers on the regular basis. Various surveys and monitoring are conducted to evaluate individual performance of the particular employee as well as the whole department and organization. They provide an opportunity for promotion and give a chance to solve the issues and drawbacks before they become crucial. Annual reports are available for the general public and the staff members.

Job Description

Position Title: Registered Nurse Specialist


Registered nurse (RN) is a nurse who is in charge of caring for the patients, providing them and their families with the knowledge needed to be aware of one’s health condition and cooperating with other medical personnel. Patient’s health should always be of the first priority for the registered nurse, but one should not forget about the organizational procedures needed to communicate the information regarding the patient’s state. Moreover, the professional maintains the role of supervisor for Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses, which requires excellent leadership skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • “Working with a variety of patients, from pediatric to geriatric, or specializing in one of the numerous possible areas such as neo-natal intensive care, cardiac care, neurologic care or dermatology
  • Observing and recording patient behavior
  • Consulting with physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Establishing treatment plans, operating medical equipment
  • Supervising licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and certified nurse assistants (CNAs)
  • Performing diagnostic tests
  • Treating medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, strokes, car accidents and burns as well as recovering post-operative patients
  • Administering medications and treatments” (University Alliance, 2015, par. 4).

Still, this is not the whole scope of RN’s duties and responsibilities even though the main ones are mentioned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Stress management skills
  • Knowledge needed to evaluate patient’s condition and manage treatment
  • Leadership skills and ability to teach and motivate others
  • Time management skills and ability to work under the pressure
  • Excellent customer service skills

Work Environment

  • Working in the healthcare sector. Mainly, in the hospital environment and other healthcare facilities
  • Long working hours
  • Night shifts
  • Work on weekends and holidays
  • Walking and standing for a long time (Registered nurse, 2015)

Desired Qualifications

  • Associate or Bachelor of Science
  • License
  • Experience in the field

Pay information

The payment in the state is claimed to be lower than the average one. Still, it comprises $62,000-$63,000 per year.

Performance Appraisal

The performance appraisal for RN in a governmental agency is attached to the end of the paper. The review system is not complicated, which provides an opportunity to assess one’s performance within a relatively short period of time and provide the feedback. The managers and employees consider the same variables. The goals are outlined so that both personal and organizational perspectives are considered. The rating system allows the managers and RNs to see the aspects that need improvement without any difficulties. They also can define where their views differ and why. The total performance can be discussed, as separate tasks are not considered. The performance appraisal starts when the employee fills out a questionnaire and shares one’s views. Later, it is assessed and followed by the detailed manager’s comments. Then, two parties communicate and conduct the comparison of the self-evaluation and supervisor’s findings. Even though the manager’s decision is considered to be the main one, the appraisee has a chance to agree with the evaluation or investigate the issues further.


The information about compensation and performance appraisal that I have learned in the class is likely to help me in the future, as I will understand all peculiarities of my evaluation better. Now I know that a solid strategic map and compensation plan are beneficial not only for the achievement of business goals but also for employee satisfaction, as one values financial security. I also realized that performance appraisal is helpful for both employers and employees, as they have an opportunity to find out what areas require improvement. It also gives an opportunity to see whether the goals the employee set before oneself are achievable, which impacts one’s motivation. Moreover, the feedback the employee receives ensures that one’s efforts will be never left unnoticed.


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