Business Plans and Facility’s Change Management

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Business Plan Format, Project Management Tools and Strategies, and Problem, Purpose and Scope Statements

A business plan format bears a vision statement, description of the responsible people, the business profile, and an economic assessment. Project management tools and strategies are techniques deployed in planning and executing complex project responsibilities. They include PERT, CPM, and the Gantt Charts (Turner & Müller, 2005).

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A problem statement describes issues that have to be addressed by a team of experts before solving them. A scope statement presents the essential elements that comprise a project. This printed substantiation of the outcomes of a project also details the project assumptions and constraints (Dessler, 2009). The purpose statement defines the reason for executing a project. The above tools and statements are used in health care and nursing administration to develop, assess, and implement projects.

Uses of the Tools in my Facility’s Change Management

In my facility, change is necessary to help in developing and implementing new evidence-based techniques and service delivery strategies. The definition of the problem or the necessary change helps in understanding the context and issues that underline the necessity of change (Bruch & Gerber, 2005). Scope statement establishes the deliverables for the change when implemented. It also describes the objective of the change.

The purpose statement establishes the reason for implementing the change, including the potential benefits that the facility gains from the change project (Zekic & Samarzija, 2012). In the change planning and execution process, the facility organizes and accomplishes many tasks that require monetary resource allocation and tracking. Hence, the project management tools and strategies are important in my facility.

My Role in using in the Change Management Project

In my change management project, I need to use the project management tools and strategies, problem, purpose, and scope statements in the process of developing and executing of my project. The project needs to solve a specified problem. Therefore, I must define the problem. My project also needs a statement of the objectives coupled with the necessary research questions. Such statements limit the scope of my project to the objectives and research questions (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2012). Besides, I have a role to state the purpose and relevance of the change management project. It is also necessary to plan and allocate time for various activities. Here, Gantt chart will be effective.

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