Nursing Philosophies, Models, and Theories

In her article, Fawcett (2017) elucidates the topic of existing nursing theories, models, and philosophies. This article is aimed at researching future perspectives of nursing science and possible trends and problematic issues that must be taken into account. The author focuses in particular on the so-called perspective transformation. I believe that this phenomenon is indeed true as the author states that “perspective transformation is based on the assumption that each person has a particular meaning perspective that is used to interpret and understand the world” (Fawcett, 2017, para. 16). I believe that this term is especially significant in the modern era of patient-focused nursing that suggests that nurses always have to pay attention to a patient’s needs, their views on medicine, and the treatment that they must receive. Therefore, it is a vital contribution to the nursing science that allows for a more precise understanding of how the nurse-patient relationships must be formed.

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In my practice, I have found that the crucial step in performing perspective transformation is to form a connection to a patient. With a strong enough level of empathy, it becomes significantly easier to shift from one perspective to another. However, it does not only involve patients; it may require changing my perspective by those of my colleagues. Whatever the case may be, perspective transformation still requires me to understand other perspective and adopt it. It is easier said than done. Empathy alone does not ensure a successful transformation. Perspective transformation may be out of reach if a perspective that is to be adopted includes some knowledge that I do not possess. In this case, it might be necessary to further increase my understanding of the basis of scientific data involved in the perspective. Thus, I usually achieve the transformation by combining both my experience and knowledge, and empathy. This combination allows me to successfully shift my perspective to perform nursing activities more efficiently.


Fawcett, J. (2017). Nursing philosophies, models, and theories: A focus on the future. Web.

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